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Pentax Ks2 Best Buy

If you're looking for the best Pentax camera, you've come to the right place. We've tested and compared all the Pentax digital cameras you can buy right now, and in this guide we've ordered them according to which ones we reckon are going to offer the best bang-for-buck for most people.

pentax ks2 best buy

If you're shooting with a Pentax DSLR, we've picked out the best Pentax lenses for you to choose. From portable budget lenses to the bigger, professional-oriented zooms and primes, the Pentax stable consists of all sorts of different lenses. In this guide, we've chosen the best of the best, based on our reviewing experience with Pentax gear.

However, Ricoh did push the envelope with a few new features. The most notable is the new retractible 18-50mm f/4-5.6 weather-resistant kit lens. Unfortunately, it's easily the worst part of the K-S2 package. But if you can ignore that hiccup (and pick up a better lens) the K-S2 is not just a return to form, it's one of the best values in its class.

We would be even more excited about the K-S2 if the kit lens wasn't such a swing-and-a-miss. The idea is a great one: in the age of smaller and smaller system cameras, a collapsible and light piece of glass is a great ally for a novice shooter. But it's just not up to par, with focus issues marring what is only a mediocre piece of glass in even the best conditions.

If you're set on the K-S2, you can save $50 or so by opting to buy a body-only version and putting that toward a proper kit lens. While you'll end up spending more overall, the performance boost is absolutely worth it. If you can find a better lens to pair with the K-S2, it goes from being an average DSLR to one of the best budget options out there.

The Canon EOS 700D (called the Canon EOS Rebel T5i in North America) is a new DSLR camera that boasts 18 megapixels, full 1080p high-definition videos with continuous auto-focusing, and a touch-screen interface. Other key features of the 700D / T5i include burst shooting at 5fps, a vari-angle 3-inch LCD screen with 1,040k dot resolution, ISO range of 100-25,600, 14-bit image processing and Canon's Digic 5 processor. Is the Canon EOS 700D / T5i the best mid-range digital SLR camera on the market? Read our expert review to find out...

One area the K-S2 does not excel in is autofocus performance. Target acquisition can be very slow in moderate to dim light, and the camera lags significantly behind the competition when it comes to subject tracking or even basic continuous AF performance, though much of this is due to slower focus systems in their lens lineup. The low-quality collapsible kit zoom on the K-S2 certainly doesn't help matters. AF doesn't fare any better in live view either. For these reasons, the K-S2 is not the best camera to buy if you intend on photographing action or moving subjects in general.

Above $2500 cameras tend to become increasingly specialized, making it difficult to select a 'best' option. We case our eye over the options costing more than $2500 but less than $4000, to find the best all-rounder.

What's the best camera for shooting sports and action? Fast continuous shooting, reliable autofocus and great battery life are just three of the most important factors. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting sports and action, and recommended the best.

The only acknowledged fix is to replace the solenoid with a Japanase original (strip down an older model for the part). Anything else is just a sticking plaster, and the fault WILL return. There is a ton of info on several pentax user/forum sites.

I have a pentax k-50 and I have a problem with black pictures. With so many people having the same complaint I know this is an engineering defect. would like to keep this camera as everything else works fine, besides, I have camera lenses that are pentax and are water proof.

I have a k30 with the same problem. I enjoyed it while it was working. I was going to get it repaired but for the cost you can replace it with a newer model. Then there is the problem that the replacement will have the same problem. Now I will have spent twice as much and still not have a functioning camera. I have used pentax for many years and have an array of accessories but no camera. What a waste. 041b061a72

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