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What Is The Most Expensive Whiskey You Can Buy !LINK!

Luckily, e-commerce website has put together a list of some of the most expensive, rarest, prized single malt whiskies that you can actually purchase now from various online retailers.

what is the most expensive whiskey you can buy

To create the list, Wine-Searcher combed its extensive database of global wine and spirits purveyors to take the average price of each bottle below. Here is its ranking of most expensive whiskies that you can not only read about, and actually have a chance to buy:

In the exclusive world of Scotch whisky, there are two not-so-secret ongoing battles: one for age, and another for cost. Smashed records and eyewatering bids continue to rock the industry, with seven-figure digits having become the norm. One thing that is yet to change in this increasingly lucrative industry, however, is the small nation of Scotland occupying the majority of our shortlist of the most expensive whisky ever sold.

Of course, special mention must also go to the whisky makers of Japan. Again, there may be some debate given that the only Japanese whisky featured is a set of 54 bottles, however, given the record-shattering $1.52m price tag and the caliber of the liquid, we felt it would be remiss not to include it. We take a look at these and a handful of other bottles that have made our list of the most expensive whisky ever sold at auction.

Out of the 12 bottles produced, it is rumored that one was destroyed in a Japanese earthquake, making it even rarer and ultimately more sought-after. When a bottle came up for online auction in February 2020, it attracted 1,642 bidders from 56 countries across the globe, including Australia, Singapore and the UK. The winning bidder is said to be a European who paid 825,000 (approximately $1.07m) making it one of the most expensive bottles of whisky ever sold at auction.

Welcome to Wine-Searcher's list of the world's most expensive whiskies. We've narrowed the selection down to just those whiskies which are actually available and could be purchased today (provided you have $50,000 to spare). Because this list is dominated by Scotch single malt, we've created a separate list specifically for the Most Expensive Bourbons.

The Red Collection is a set of six future-classic whiskeys (whiskeys that are bottled relatively recently but that are very rare and are expected to be incredibly valuable), each of which has been aged for decades: one for 40 years, one for 50, one for 60, one for 71, one for 74, and one for 78.

It features two bottles of triple-distilled 30-year-old Irish whiskey, a bespoke egg by the world-famous Fabergé Limited, a hip flask of Emerald Isle whiskey (the rarest Irish whiskey on the planet), a humidor with Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva cigars, a cigar cutter, whisky stones, and gold plated water pipette.

The whiskey was distilled in the year 1926 and is one of the rarest drinks on the planet. It was bottled after sixty years in the year 1986. It holds the reputation as being a unique blend of vintage and rarity.

The Macallan M is a single malt whiskey with incredible taste and a unique bottle to match! It has a nose of dried fruit and vanilla, a rich and woody spiced palette, and a long full finish of raisin and sultana. The Macallan M has an ABV of 45.9% and is available from $6,200 - $6,900 for a 750ml bottle.

The Macallan Lalique is one of the most expensive and rare whiskeys on the market. It boasts a body of citrus lemons and green apples, a palette of soft vanilla and gentle spice, and a fruity but medium finish. It has a 42% ABV, and if you can find it, it will set you back about $200,000 for a 750ml bottle!

The Dalmore 64 Trinitas is one of a handful of whiskeys aged to 64 years. Only three bottles of this variety were made! It has been auctioned off or sold for up to $140,000 for the bottle. This luxury relic is the epitome of rare whiskeys across the globe. While it may be unwise to drink this rare scotch, it would be a standout in any collection.

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Moving on to Irish whiskies, one of the finest in the world, the Midleton Very Rare established itself as an ultra-rare luxury Irish whiskey. With a single bottle costing $45,000 (Rs 36.7 lakhs approx), just three bottles out of the rare 70 in the world went on sale this year.

Anyone can find the most expensive bottle of liquor by performing a quick Google search. But in order to find those worth buying, one must consider taste and experience. So, to find an answer to that question, we put the query to a group with a deep knowledge and understanding of spirits: whisk(e)y makers. We gave a group of the finest in their craft the hypothetical question, What is the most expensive bottle of whiskey you would buy if you had an unlimited budget? They were happy to oblige. While some bottles suggested were ultra-rare with a price tag to match, others, surprisingly, were less so. This goes to show you that not every dream bottle of whiskey needs to be inordinately expensive. Here, then, are 14 bottles of scotch, bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, and more that should be on your dream list.

Cost: Chosen by:GlenDronachBenRiachGlenglassaughWhy? My holy grail whisky is over 50 years old, distilled in the 1960s, and most likely matured near the coast. There are very few casks in the world that reach more than 50 years old, especially distilled in the 1960s. After more than 50 years of exceptionally complex and slow maturation, the malt transforms into a seductively silken and sublime elixir, with the luxurious taste of exotic fruits and honey, seamlessly interwoven with astonishingly refined and supple oak. This exceptional taste can be found in the extremely rare maturing and bottled treasures of very old Glenglassaugh and Bowmore distilled in the 1960s. I am extremely fortunate to have tasted both, the experience of which is priceless.

Booze nerds, get out your bucket lists - and make sure to add New York's Copper & Oak. This whiskey bar is the ultimate destination for any whiskey lover, with hundreds of bottles of different whiskeys from all over the world on offer. Make no mistake, this isn't a bar for trendy whiskey cocktails. This is a bar for serious whiskey lovers, and everything should be carefully sipped, not taken as a shot. If you don't know that much about whiskey, though, don't be intimidated! The bartenders here are happy to make you a tasting flight and teach you about this beautiful brown spirit - anyone interested in whiskey is welcome!

However, if you are already a connoisseur, you may want to come here for something else - the absolute best of the best when it comes to whiskey. If you are willing to spend hundreds on a single ounce of single malt, these are the best (and most expensive) offerings at Copper & Oak.

The Brora distillery is actually set to re-open in 2020, and the current Brora whiskeys are produced at the Clynelish distillery... but it's located in the same place, and has the classic Brora flavor, so whiskey snobs need not fret! The limited edition bottled in 2014 might not be the most expensive whiskey Brora has ever made, but it's the most expensive one at the Copper & Oak bar, with a price tag of $140 for a single, and $280 for a double.

It's also worth noting that this is an extremely limited edition whiskey, as there was a fire at the distillery - which cost Heaven Hill over 90,000 barrels that were aging. This small batch is made from a blend of what's left - and maybe that's why it costs $180 a measure (or $360 a double).

Karuizawa is the first Japanese whiskey to make this list - and there are plenty to choose from at Copper & Oak. Japanese whiskey has become increasingly popular, although Scotch snobs might turn up their noses! Karuizawa is one of the rarest Japanese whiskeys on the market, though, as the distillery no longer exists - it was shut down in 2001, and razed in 2016. Which means that the 'Spirit of Asama' is the final vintage of Karuizawa... and that drinkers should raise their glasses to the destroyed distillery (even if those glasses are $210 a measure, or $420 a double).

Mars Shinshu has the honor of being Japan's highest distillery - and while purists can argue about the effect that the elevation has on the product, all we will say is that they make an incredible drink! Many of their whiskeys are award winning, and the Komagatake 'American Oak' is an extremely rare one. Although you couldn't buy a full bottle at Copper & Oak, should you decide to pick one up after tasting a single shot (at $250 for a single, $500 for a double), it comes in a wooden box with a design by Japanese painter Mr. Yasunori Ikenaga.

Finally, the most expensive whiskey on the menu at Copper & Oak comes in at over three hundred dollars for a single measure (and $660 for those treating themselves to a double). Unsurprisingly, this is a true Scotch, from Speyside - an area of the Highlands known for its whiskey. The 33 years limited release is known for having a surprisingly sulfurous flavor; while other distilleries work hard to remove all sulfur, Craigellachie chooses to work with it, and creates something totally unique.

Rare whiskies typically become more expensive as they age, which is why they are often bought by collectors and rarely tasted. Traditional investments will have a lower cost to enter the market, but having a whisky collection may be a fun alternative for those who can afford the initial investment.

Seventeen glassmakers are involved in making the handcrafted crystal decanter for the Macallan M. It is inscribed with signatures of famous artists behind the whiskey like Baron, Silvio Denz, and Bob Dalgarno.

The French jeweler and glassmaker Lalique designed the Macallan Lalique Legacy Collection. Six whiskies featured, also known as Six Pillars of Odyssey, contain the rarest Macallan whiskey aged 50-65 years. 041b061a72

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