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Lsat Reading Comprehension Bible Pdf Free 25

The LSAT is one of the most challenging entrance exams to study for because all six of the sections require critical thinking and strategy rather than memorizing facts, formulas, and definitions. Due to its tight time constraints and difficult texts, the reading comprehension section is just as tricky as the rest of the test, and it can be hard to develop an effective study plan.

lsat reading comprehension bible pdf free 25

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Studying for reading comprehension is not a straightforward process. You can't just memorize and restate your knowledge on test day. Your study sessions for this portion of the LSAT will mostly be about developing the right background knowledge, skills, and strategies to do well. Here's a breakdown of how you should spend your study time:

Where this strategy goes slightly awry is in ignoring the benefit of already having some background knowledge of the subject. Multiple studies, including the famous baseball experiment, have shown that reading comprehension scores are heavily influenced by the amount of background knowledge the test taker had on the subject of the reading passage.

So no, you will not need any outside information to answer questions. However, you do need prior knowledge in order to more effectively comprehend what you're reading. Given that this is a reading comprehension test, that's useful.

A recent study about the effects of background knowledge on reading comprehension identified a 59% threshold. If you know at least 59% of the terms in the text, you can effectively comprehend that text.

Preparation and study are key, but you also need to have some test day strategies in place to make sure you're managing your time well and working through the reading comprehension section as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to do that:

Don't be afraid to skip around the reading comprehension section. Quickly run through each of the four passages. Mentally rank them in order of your personal confidence level. Go through the ones that seem easiest for you first, freeing up plenty of time for the trickier ones.

We spent a lot of time talking about how valuable background knowledge is earlier. So, this tip might feel a little contradictory. However, that background knowledge is only meant to improve your reading comprehension.

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