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Vie de tous les jours à "L'Appart"

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Romance On The Menu

Sushi Roku Newport Beach is offering its regular menu, along with a la carte specials, including lobster with pearl truffle cream and yuzu; zuke honmaguro with hokkaido uni, caviar, saikyo miso and dry miso sauce; and fondue with Belgian chocolate and assorted fruits.

Romance on the Menu


Coliseum Pool & Grill has two options: A la carte specials at the Coliseum restaurant, or an al fresco dinner by candlelight inside your own private luxury cabana overlooking Coliseum Pool. The chef creates a memorable four-course menu for two. Customized music, flowers and décor are available upon request.

This prix fixe menu includes starters such as steak tartare or mushroom soup, and entrees including potato horseradish-crusted salmon, classic beef Wellington wrapped in mushrooms and flaky puff pastry, or the signature prime rib.

The Bungalow has a choice of prix fixe menus that are $75 to $95 per person depending on entrée. Options include choice of starters, entrees such as filet mignon, scallops and lobster tail, and dessert.

If these romance novels are to be believed, the fastest way to true love is to join a cooking competition or open a bakery next door to a rival. The heat is on as these bakers and chefs find romance on the menu!

If one is familiar with recent Korean hit dramas, one can think of similar titles like "The Legend of the Blue Sea," "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" or "Chicago Typewriter." The new series is of the same genre of fantasy romance and similarly features beautiful, exotic scenes shot in Europe, mainly in Slovenia. Moreover, its protagonists are intricately related in their former lives.

"We have multiple genres mixed together in the drama. There are romance, fantasy, revenge and suspense. I almost feel like we film a different series each week," the director said. "There will be many dishes on the table you can taste."

Nora Roberts whisks together 2 cups of friends-to-lovers romance, 4 tablespoons of friendship, a pinch of wedding business shenanigans, and an endless amount of mouth-watering cakes to create a sweet, fun, and relatable love story. I have lost count of how many times I have reread this book. Recommended by Penny. 041b061a72

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