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Goat Simulator Mobile: A Review of the Funniest and Weirdest Game on the App Store

Goat Simulator Mobile: A Hilarious Game of Chaos and Destruction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a goat? Well, wonder no more, because Goat Simulator Mobile is here to make your dreams come true. In this game, you can unleash your inner goat and wreak havoc on everything and everyone around you. Whether you want to headbutt cars, lick people, fly with a jetpack, or become a demon goat, you can do it all in Goat Simulator Mobile. This game is not meant to be realistic or serious, but rather a fun and silly way to pass the time. If you are looking for a game that will make you laugh out loud, then you should definitely give Goat Simulator Mobile a try.

What is Goat Simulator Mobile?

Goat Simulator Mobile is a mobile version of the popular PC game Goat Simulator, which was released in 2014 by Coffee Stain Studios. The game is a parody of simulation games, where instead of simulating realistic scenarios, you simulate being a goat in a chaotic world. The game has no specific goals or objectives, but rather encourages you to explore the environment and cause as much destruction as possible. You can also complete various quests, collect trophies, unlock new goats and maps, and discover hidden secrets and easter eggs.

goat simulator mobile

The premise and gameplay of Goat Simulator Mobile

The premise of Goat Simulator Mobile is simple: you are a goat, and you can do whatever you want. You can roam around the map, interact with objects and characters, perform stunts and tricks, and cause mayhem. You can also lick things with your tongue, which will make them stick to your mouth. You can then drag them around or throw them at other things. You can also use your horns to headbutt things, which will make them fly away or explode. You can also use your special abilities, such as jumping high, sprinting fast, or activating ragdoll mode.

The features and modes of Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile has many features and modes that make it more fun and varied. Some of the features are:

  • You can choose from different goats, each with their own appearance and abilities. For example, there is the Ripped Goat, which is muscular and strong; the Feather Goat, which can glide in the air; the Anti-Gravity Goat, which can defy gravity; the Space Goat, which can travel to space; and many more.

  • You can play on different maps, each with their own theme and layout. For example, there is the original map of Goatville, which is a suburban town; the map of Goat City Bay, which is a coastal city; the map of MMO Simulator, which is a fantasy world; the map of Waste of Space, which is a sci-fi space station; and many more.

  • You can play on different modes, each with their own rules and objectives. For example, there is the Classic Mode, which is the original mode where you can do anything; the Casual Mode, which is a relaxed mode where you don't lose points for crashing; the Time Trial Mode, which is a timed mode where you have to score as many points as possible; the Flappy Mode, which is a mini-game where you have to flap your wings through pipes; and many more.

The platforms and versions of Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile is available on various platforms and devices, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire. You can download the game from the Google Play Store, the App Store, the Microsoft Store, or the Amazon Appstore. The game costs $4.99 on Android and iOS, and $1.99 on Windows Phone and Amazon Fire. You can also buy additional DLCs for more goats and maps, such as GoatZ, Goat MMO Simulator, Goat Simulator: Payday, and Goat Simulator: Waste of Space. The game is also compatible with some controllers and gamepads, such as the MOGA controllers and the Xbox controllers.

Why You Should Play Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile is not a game for everyone. Some people might find it boring, stupid, or pointless. However, if you are looking for a game that will make you laugh, surprise you, and challenge you, then you should definitely play Goat Simulator Mobile. Here are some of the reasons why you should play this game:

The humor and absurdity of Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile is a game that does not take itself seriously. It is full of humor and absurdity, from the graphics to the physics to the sound effects. The game is intentionally buggy and glitchy, which adds to the fun and unpredictability of the game. You can see things like flying cars, exploding barrels, dancing people, flying whales, and more. You can also hear things like goat noises, human screams, funny dialogues, and more. The game is also full of references and parodies of other games, movies, TV shows, and memes. You can see things like Minecraft blocks, Flappy Bird pipes, Star Wars characters, Jurassic Park dinosaurs, and more.

The freedom and creativity of Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile is a game that gives you a lot of freedom and creativity. You can do whatever you want in the game, without any limitations or consequences. You can explore the map at your own pace, interact with anything and anyone you see, and create your own scenarios and stories. You can also combine different objects and characters with your tongue or your horns, and see what happens. For example, you can attach a rocket to a car and launch it into the air; you can attach a human to a helicopter and fly around; you can attach a goat to a roller coaster and ride it; and more.

The challenges and achievements of Goat Simulator Mobile

Goat Simulator Mobile is not just a mindless game of destruction. It also has some challenges and achievements that you can complete to make the game more interesting and rewarding. You can find various quests around the map that will give you specific tasks to do, such as destroying certain objects, reaching certain places, performing certain stunts, or finding certain secrets. You can also collect various trophies that are hidden around the map, which will unlock new goats and maps for you to play with. You can also earn various achievements that will show your progress and skills in the game.

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goat simulator whale and giraffe goats How to Get Started with Goat Simulator Mobile

If you are interested in playing Goat Simulator Mobile, you might be wondering how to get started with the game. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to download, install, and play the game:

How to download and install Goat Simulator Mobile

To download and install Goat Simulator Mobile, you need to have a compatible device and enough storage space. You also need to have a stable internet connection and a valid payment method. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the app store of your device, such as the Google Play Store, the App Store, the Microsoft Store, or the Amazon Appstore.

  • Search for Goat Simulator Mobile and tap on the game icon.

  • Tap on the price button and confirm your purchase.

  • Wait for the game to download and install on your device.

  • Launch the game and enjoy being a goat.

How to unlock different goats and maps in Goat Simulator Mobile

To unlock different goats and maps in Goat Simulator Mobile, you need to collect trophies and complete quests. Trophies are golden statues that are hidden around the map. Quests are tasks that are given by various characters or signs around the map. Here are some of the steps you need to follow:

  • Explore the map and look for trophies and quests. You can use the map icon on the top right corner of the screen to see your location and the locations of trophies and quests.

  • Collect trophies by licking them with your tongue or headbutting them with your horns. You can see how many trophies you have collected on the pause menu.

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