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Vie de tous les jours à "L'Appart"

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Subtitle The.Boston.Strangler.1968.REMASTERED.7...

Onward. Another trend I've seen more of this year is collector downloading from the web, not to swipe new movies but to gain access to silent rarities and other exotic films that have never been made available and can't be seen in any other way. I've been invited to watch several films completely unreleased here, such as Peter Lorre's sole directorial effort, the German Der Verlorene. I've also gotten to see the rare silent Abwege, directed by G.W. Pabst and starring Brigitte Helm. Some of these downloads are in the .avi format and require computer hookups to play on a television; one friend has mastered the craft of downloading English subtitles for some films, subs generated by fans for films that have never been translated. But so far I don't see these habits being adopted by garden-variety disc fans, among which I firmly place myself.

subtitle The.Boston.Strangler.1968.REMASTERED.7...

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