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Dance Moms - Season 1

Hi maddie!My names is Emonee i am a big fan i love the way u dance.i have all picturs anAnd ur solo videos.Ur so beautyful i wish i could be u.Please text back on face book.And if u want to know my page just text back.LOVE U UR BIGEST FAN EVER!

Dance Moms - Season 1

After being a member of Cheryl Burke-led reformed dance troupe The Irreplaceables, Kendall starred in the 2019 movie Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time. She also set her eyes on the music industry, Kendall K's list of singles including the 2017 track "Where Would I Be Without You." As for her friendships with the girls, Kendall had a "family reunion" with co-stars Maddie Ziegler and Nia Sioux in 2019 before meeting up with Brooke Hyland and Paige Hyland last June.

The dancer's music career began with her 2014 album, Mack Z. In 2018, she released her second album titled Phases. That same year, the singer was a finalist on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors and launched her own cosmetics line called "Love, Kenzie." But her most recent endeavor was a group project, Sia agreeing to join her on the 2020 track "Exhale." A song "about needing to just breathe and have a party," as Kenzie put it to People, "I sent her the demo and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, I love this song so much.' I wrote the song, but I wasn't sure if I was going to release it, and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, if you don't release it by yourself, I'll take it from you or I'll just be on it with you.'" Expect more dance bangers in the future, with Kenzie telling the outlet an EP is in the works: "I have lots of songs that I've done, but I'm still trying to figure out which ones are my favorite. So after quarantine is over, I'm definitely going to be back in the studio."

Now based in L.A., the dancer, actress and entrepreneur shares a new YouTube video with fans every Friday where she gets "to show you beauty, challenges, collaborations, and my life!" She also launched an exclusive dress collection for Promgirl. And, yes, she still considers the dance studio her "happy place."

The Abby Lee Dance Company founder appeared on Dance Moms for eight seasons before inspiring spin-off series Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Dance Moms: Miami and Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue. In 2016, Abby pleaded guilty to felony bankruptcy fraud and was later sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison, but was released early. The Pennsylvania native was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in 2018. After 10 rounds of chemo and several surgeries, which left her wheelchair-bound, Abby announced in May 2019 that she was cancer-free.

The UCLA student was one of the original members of the ALDC and remained on the team until the seventh season of Dance Moms, making her the longest-tenured dancer on the reality series. She has since kept fans hooked on her YouTube channel and has released her own music. In 2016, Nia made her Off-Broadway debut in Trip of Love and later joined the cast of CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Like her older sister, Paige experienced plenty of ups and downs with her dance teacher before being kicked off of the competition team in 2014. She graduated high school in 2019 and enrolled at West Virginia University.

Sinful is a Contemporary group dance performed by Chloe, Maddie Ziegler, Paige Hyland, Nia Frazier and Brooke Hyland under the Abby Lee Dance Company during the 9th episode of the 1st season of Dance Moms.

Asia Monet Ray is a nine year old dancer who competed in the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and a former member of the ALDC in Dance Moms. Asia came in 3rd place on Season 1

Asia ray was enrolled in dance at the age of 2 by her mother who was a gymnast, fitness competitor, and athlete when she was younger. Asia's favorite style of dance to perform is Jazz and Hip-Hop Funk. She also loves to watch all styles of dance. If Asia won $100,000 from the show, then she share it with those who have helped her on her dance journey and save some for more dance training. If Asia doesn't dance professionally, then she would love to be a choreographer.

Asia was one of the 14 finalists in the casting final. Asia was the last one to make it onto the show, beating Amanda K and making Asia the youngest on the show. Asia was place into the Hip-Hop trio for ther first week. Asia made it onto the next week but landed in the bottom 3 for her performance. Asia landed in the bottom 2 in the next week but her duet partner Tua was sent home instead. Asia made it into week 4 and then made it into week 5, where she and Lexine were praised as the top dancers for the week. Asia continued into week 6 and won the improv challenge. Asia was able to pick her routine and she passed the week. Asia landed in the bottom 2 in week 7 and week 8 but made it pass both weeks. Asia made it into the finale with Madison and Brianna. Asia's place in the competition was constantly questioned by the other mothers and sometimes even the other dancers because her technique wasn't up to where the other dancers and Abby was always pointing out her sickled feet and other technical mistakes but she was a stunning performer. Asia was the subject of many of the arguments between Kristi and the other mothers, mainly Yvette and Coreen. Asia worked with Abby for her final solo in her mentoring session. Abby and Asia talked about her technique. Asia performed the trio and was caught for lip-syncing the piece and being off. Asia performed her solo as well, which received positive reception from all the judges. Asia placed 3rd in the competition. She was beaten by Madison O'connor and Brianna Haire.

Abby tries to create a super team with a huge age range, starring the teenage girls and a child dancer. The mothers watch from a distance while their daughters practice, and Lilly and Ellie still auditioning for the part of the youngest dancer.

The scene unfolds with Abby telling Kelly, Christi, and their daughters that she wants to talk to them about their performance. Abby believed their individual parts were on par with her vision of the dances, but when the girls danced as a group, they fell apart.

Christi fights with Leslie over joining the team and keeping her seat because she wants Kelly back, the two cursing each other out brutally even after a big win. Then rival dance studio Candy Apples' moms come in and start a fight about one of their boys, Anthony.

Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller and her team of preteen girls returned Tuesday night for the season six premiere of the hit Lifetime reality show Dance Moms. The series, which takes place primarily at the Abby Lee Dance Company studios, promises to be drama-filled. The season premiere, "New Season, New Rules," did not disappoint on its reputation for melodrama and histrionics.

The episode kicks off with the return of season five guest star Brynn Rumfallo, who may be the replacement for Maddie Ziegler, who did not compete in Tuesday's premiere. Maddie is currently embarking on her film career in New York, much to the dismay of Jojo Siwa's mother. Brynn's appearance is almost immediately contentious, as Brynn is granted a solo dance opportunity.

The Abby Lee Dance Company travels to the Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition in Los Angeles. Abby's dance team faces rival Jeanette Cota and the Broadway Dance Academy, again. The group dance, "The Girl in the Plastic Bubble," features Jojo inside the bubble but she gets stuck and nearly suffocates when the zipper is stuck. JoJo would later receive platinum for her jazz solo "Own It."

The showdown between Abby and Jeanette's dance companies comes down to Brynn and Gavin Morales, the new recruit for Broadway Dance Academy. Despite a strong performance from Gavin, he places second to Brynn.

There are plenty of reality shows out there with unbelievable premises. Are there really people who get married without meeting first? Do people really want to be naked and afraid on national television? Well, yes. But one show, Dance Moms, took the unbelievable to a whole new level with just how intense and dramatic it was. The show featured the dancers and their mothers of the Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pa. Yes, the entire show was about all the drama that went on surrounding the dancers, their moms, and most notably, Abby Lee Miller.

Miller eventually went on to serve time in jail for bankruptcy fraud, and the show was put on hold. But that all came way later. In fact, the most entertaining part of Dance Moms was definitely the first season, which introduced fans to the dancers of the ALDC, who everyone immediately felt sorry for once they witnessed the unbridled chaos of how the moms and Miller behaved on-camera. The season was a trainwreck in the best way, but still, looking back, there are quite a few things about that premiere season that were just downright bizarre.

One of the first things that stood out about the first season of Dance Moms was Abby Lee Miller's completely unfiltered approach. Miller wasn't at all concerned with what people thought about her, or about being viewed as politically correct in any capacity. No, Miller was just herself, which is what made the show so entertaining. So much of what made that first season of Dance Moms addicting to watch was not knowing how Miller was going to react to hearing a mother complain, or a dancer miss a step.

As Decider bluntly put it, "Here's this mentally unstable Pittsburgh dance teacher who's convinced herself that she's actually an important human being. So important that she can berate 8-year-olds." Yes, looking back at season one of Dance Moms, it seems pretty bizarre that an adult woman was behaving this way, in what the network generously described as "aggressive yelling" as a form of dance instruction, and got her own show about it. Still, there's no denying the fact that it was excellent TV, and hey, if nothing else, Miller helped form some excellent and talented young dancers. 041b061a72

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