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Jobs In Cornwall

Circularity presents opportunities for local labour markets. To tap into this potential, it is vital to understand how many and which jobs are already contributing to the circular economy locally. To obtain a baseline analysis of employment in the local circular economy in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (CIoS), Tevi and Circle Economy collaborated on the Circular Jobs Monitor. The Circular Jobs Monitor is an online tool that gathers and displays the amount and type of jobs that are part of the circular economy. This report summarises the results that are displayed on the monitor and outlines next steps that can be taken to build on these results and further tap into the opportunities the circular economy presents the local labour market.

jobs in cornwall

Our recruitment team are here to help you whatever your NHS profession, level or interest. You can contact the recruitment team on 01872 255755 (option 2) or email The team are based at The Beacon building on the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Truro. If you are a doctor and interested in specific medical staffing roles, please contact us on 01872 255755 (option 3) or email

We also offer a wide range of jobs for flexible workers. Our in-house agency, Kernowflex, helps staff to find the best work pattern to fit around their lifestyle. It also gives access to training, NHS pension and life assurance, statutory maternity and sick pay, and paid annual leave. The Kernowflex team can be contacted on 01872 255755.

The Cornwall health and social care system runs a couple of employability schemes that help people improve their chances of being shortlisted for jobs in the health and care sector. Depending on your age you can be offered the one that you fit the criteria for. The programme is voluntary, which means it is unpaid for a period of time but can lead into employment. Depending on your circumstances we can offer you different alternatives:

All Newcross staff enjoy the benefits of full, contractual employment with the ability to work shifts that suit their lifestyle. Our range of employee perks include instant pay and private medical support. Apply today for agency healthcare jobs in the Cornwall area.

Important note for international candidates: Unfortunately at present, most employers on this website are not able to sponsor applicants from abroad. Please do not submit an application unless the employer has specified they will accept candidates who do not currently have the right to live and work in the UK as they will not be able to help you. For additional help and guidance please visit our International jobseekers page.

Join our Talent CommunityStay in-the-know about great career opportunities at RBC. Sign up and get customized info on our latest jobs, career tips and Recruitment events that matter to you.Expand your limits and create a new future together at RBC. Find out how we use our passion and drive to enhance the well-being of our clients and communities at 041b061a72

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