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Where To Buy Double Curtain Rods

Twilight features an innovative wrap-around design that helps prevent light leakage by allowing your curtain or drapery panel to rest directly against the wall. Wrap the panel around the curved end of the rod and tuck it behind the bracket to eliminate exterior light from seeping in. Twilight has a strong and stable 3/4 inch diameter, constructed to hold curtains from light to medium weights, with a maximum capacity of 22lbs. This double curtain rod can support 2 curtains and is available in multiple sizes. U.S Patent NO. D644.918.

where to buy double curtain rods

Unlike cheaply made rods that tend to bend or warp over time, each curtain rod is made of high-quality metal and individually checked for quality assurance. Your double curtain rod set conveniently adjusts and gives you the flexibility to accommodate 1 or 2 curtain panel configurations depending on your needs. Plus, everything you need to get it set up fast comes in the box including the 2 telescoping rods, metal finials, complete mounting hardware with cast metal brackets, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Have curtains, need a rod? This adjustable double rod set adds the finishing touch to your window treatment with its sleek look and modern design. The twin rods are accompanied by mounting brackets and four finials and are made with stainless steel in your choice of neutral finish. This is a great choice if you like to hang a gauzy or light fabric curtain on the inside for some diffused light and privacy, and a heavier curtain in front for sun blocking and temperature retention. All installation hardware is included. Please note: This rod set is for one window only.

Classic yet trendy, our capped acrylic cylinder final adjustable double curtain rod adds the finishing touch to your window treatments with its stylish and modern design. Simply pick from black, bronze, gold, or silver to coordinate with your existing decor.

This double curtain rod set lets you layer curtains for a glamorous feel. It includes two curtain rods, two mounting brackets, and four finials, all crafted from stainless steel in a solid finish. The design features one thicker rod with rectangular accents on either end and one more narrow rod with circular accents. We love that this curtain rod set can hold up to 30 lbs., so you can layer different looks and fabrics to elevate your room's decor.

This functional double curtain rod set showcases a simple design that helps hang your curtains in your bedroom or living room. This rod features an adjustable design in your choice of size, while its 2" clearance makes it easy to match the size of your window frames. It's crafted from steel in a crisp white finish that's sure to complement a variety of color palettes. We also like that it includes a threading cap to make sliding your light- or medium-weight curtains onto the rod snag-free. Plus, this rod comes with three mounting brackets for fuss-free installation.

Using two layers of curtains on your windows adds depth, making the room feel larger. Instead of adding two different curtain rods to your windows, try double curtain rods. Double curtain rods are the best way to create a layered effect, giving a distinct and put-together look. Select a thin, lightweight curtain to go against the window and a heavier material to be placed at the front.

Once you have selected your curtains, you can start shopping for double curtain rods and hardware. Knowing what your curtains look like will help you choose the right color, design, and finials or end caps. Learn what the installation process looks like and view our other tips and double curtain rod ideas below.

At a minimum, you will need to buy two rods, two pairs of finials or end caps (we recommend end caps for the back rod and finials for the front or two pairs of end caps), two double curtain rod brackets, and two sets of rings from the same size, color and collection to create a functional and beautiful double curtain rod.

All types of curtain rod brackets should only be placed on the window frame as a last resort, including double curtain rod brackets. Try to place your brackets at least four inches above the window frame. This will make the windows look taller and the room feel larger. When deciding where to place your brackets for the ends of the rod, consider the type of draperies you have and how much of the window you want to be shown when the draperies are open. Also, consider how long your rod is and how that plays into the spacing of your brackets. With double curtain rods, extra space is helpful since you are working with two layers of curtains. Measure twice (or more!) to be sure your brackets are spaced where you want them.

Use a pencil to make light marks on the wall where you want the brackets placed. Next, carefully screw the brackets into place and use a leveling tool to make sure the brackets are perfectly level. This ensures the brackets can hold the rod and curtains correctly.

Once your brackets are safely and securely installed, add your rings to the rods, and connect the curtains to the ring clips. Next, screw in your finials or end caps on each side of the curtain rods. You may need finial plugs for this. Once the decorative ends are added to the rods, carefully place the rod on the brackets. Loosely hang the curtains to make sure they fit and drape correctly. If they need a little adjustment, now is the time to make those changes before tightening everything into place.

Have wide windows and are looking for long double curtain rods? When shopping online for curtain rods, the options are endless. Find all the hardware you need for decorative double curtain rods in the Kirsch Designer Metals, Wrought Iron, and Wood Trends Collections at Drapery Rods Direct.

The Kirsch Wrought Iron Curtain Rod comes in two different size options, six feet wide or seven feet nine inches wide. If a smaller size is needed, the rod can be cut to size by the customer. If a longer size is needed, similar to the Designer Metals Collection, you can join two rods together with the Wrought Iron Internal splice. You should join both sets of rods together with the internal splice and place a double curtain rod bracket on the wall where the rods connect.

The poles can be cut to size by the customer if needed or joined together with a wood pole connector screw for longer lengths. When rods are joined together with the internal screw, use a double curtain rod bracket on the wall where the rods connect for extra support

Another option for double curtain rods is mounting them from the ceiling. This is common for very tall windows when there is not enough room between the window frame and the ceiling. Ceiling mount double curtain rods can also be used in open-air studios to act as privacy curtains.

We recommend endcaps for the back curtain rod and decorative finials for the front curtain rod. Or, for a more simple look, use endcaps for both rods. Be sure your metal curtain rods, metal curtain rod rings, and decorative double brackets or standard double brackets are all available in the color you like before making any purchases.

If farmhouse is your style, you can give your home a bold, old-world feel with wrought iron double curtain rods. With natural colors of black, rust, iron oxide, antique pewter, and iron gold, you are sure to create the perfect farmhouse double curtain rod for your space. Included in the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection are 11 finial/endcap choices.

For the best farmhouse look, we suggest endcaps for the back rod and decorative finials for the front. This ensures the decorative finials are visible, and the back rod is not distracting. For a more simple farmhouse look, you can use endcaps for both rods. Be sure your wrought iron curtain rods, double wrought iron brackets, and wrought iron rings are all available in the color you like before making any purchases.

For heavy-duty double curtain rods, you have several options. You can shop Wrought Iron, which is strong and durable, Traverse Rods, which have a more functional design, or you can shop Architrac Rods.

As mentioned above, you can use swivel sockets in the Kirsch Designer Metals, Wrought Iron, and Wood Trends collections to create double corner curtain rods, including bay window double curtain rods. Our ultimate guide to bay window curtain rods discusses more in-depth how you can add a decorative look to your windows with decorative drapery hardware.

We hope our tips on how to shop for double curtain rods have pointed you in the right direction. However, if you still have questions, you can talk to one of our curtain rod experts by email or phone Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST. You can reach us at or 800-251-5009. We look forward to hearing from you and making your double curtain rod ideas come to life.

A double curtain rod allows you to hang two sets of curtains and work them independently of each other. When you hang an interior and exterior set of curtains on the same rod, you're limited. You have to move one to move the other, which defeats the purpose of having a curtain lining. Double rods let you control the amount of light and the amount of window coverage you've got in any room, without relying on blinds.

When you hang a double curtain rod, you install one set of hooks on your wall. These hooks support two curtain rod bars, one of which will extend past your curtains and display decorative end designs. The interior rod hides behind the exterior set of curtains and has a simple end, which prevents it from slipping sideways and falling out of your rod hooks.

Installing a double curtain rod takes the same amount of effort as installing a single curtain rod. This is because you only have to attach one set of rod hooks to your walls. The only difference is that you have to balance two bars, not one. That will only take you a few extra minutes to do throughout a room, and it will allow you curtain versatility you didn't have before.

You can put up double curtain rods anywhere in the house you plan to have two sets of curtains. People choose them for windows where they do not want to use blinds. That allows you to put up a set of blackout curtains closer to the window, as well as a set of decorative curtains on the outside. Close one or both, depending on the look you want to achieve and the amount of light you want to let into the room. 041b061a72

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