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Best Place To Buy Concert Tickets Cheap

Buying concert tickets can be a really nerve-wracking experience, especially when it's an artist you're desperately trying to see. Prices are high and bots are ruthless, but fortunately, a new study has revealed when concert tickets are actually the cheapest to purchase from resale sites.

best place to buy concert tickets cheap

Most music fans purchase tickets roughly three months before the event takes place, according to the report. Therefore, waiting until the event is just a day away or even that night would save them a decent amount of money, especially when you take the service fees and tax into account.

But what about music festivals? Finance Buzz also looked at the sales of over 18,000 multi-day music festival passes purchased on the secondary market, and the main festivals were BottleRock, both weekends of Coachella, Shaky Knees and a few others that all took place between April 8 and May 29 of 2022. The evidence showed that these passes were 30 percent cheaper 13 days prior to the start of the festival and 24 percent cheaper 12 days prior.

Join in on the fun with concert tickets from TicketSmarter. Whether you're looking for country concert tickets or trying to catch a rap concert, TicketSmarter has the tickets that you want. With thousands of venue and artist listings, as well as a broad range of concert categories, we guarantee that you'll find seats and tickets to all of your favorite events.

To make sure that you always find the show tickets that you're looking for, we've added a diverse list of music categories that make searching for concert tickets easier than ever before. These categories include genres like rock, metal, classical, Latin, R&B, pop, soul, hip-hop and more.

We've equipped you with powerful tools as you search for music festival passes, VIP tickets and concert tickets. These tools allow you to filter for your favorite artists, musicians and venues so you never miss out on a show when they're in town. If you're in a big city, this helps narrow down your results to just the artists you want to see, cutting through the clutter and delivering shows that you love right on your device.

Fans seeking cheap concert tickets should look at upper-level or balcony seats listed at each venue. These seats always provide more affordable concert ticket options for those looking to score a deal on concert tickets. Search for the cheapest concert tickets for any performance by using our price filter to sort through all available tickets by price.

Shop with TicketSmarter for a stress-free experience that ensures that you are buying only valid concert tickets. Our online platform is built to protect you as you shop for all your favorite concerts, sporting events, Broadway musicals and other events. We maintain the highest standards of customer service to ensure that each purchase leaves you satisfied.

With Gametime, you can purchase last minute tickets to concerts, sports, theater productions and other events. There is the Gametime guarantee, which means when you buy your tickets, they will be on time and authentic.

This app is going to become your go-to concert buddy. The app simplifies concert discovery and allows you to track your favorite artists and receive tour alerts. You can also find and buy tickets to the events you want to go to using filters.

Millions have been trusting Songkick for live music since 2007. The app makes it as easy and fair as possible for you to see your favorite artists live last minute. There are over 15 million people that are tracking their favorite artist, discovering concerts, and buying their tickets with confidence.

Figures from Gametime show prices on their platform on average start dropping significantly a week before an event, with the biggest savings one day before an event, where people found tickets much cheaper than average.

Just like how no two concerts are alike, every music fan is different. But while their favorite artists may vary, they all have one thing in common: a desire to find the best tickets at the lowest price. Fortunately, by following at least some of the tips below, fans can secure great seats at an even better price.

For the hottest shows of the year, the onsale is still typically the time to secure the best offer, especially if you have a specific seat in mind. For those who are more flexible, buying tickets on the secondary market may actually provide a better deal. This is especially true for shows that are not sold out, where prices on the secondary market can often drop below the face value of the ticket. On SeatGeek, 55% of concert tickets in Boston in the last year cost less than $100 each, and 21% cost less than $50 a ticket.

No matter where you shop, make sure it is a trusted marketplace that has buyer protections in place. While fans may see great deals on places like Craigslist, in the event that something is wrong with the tickets, it is often nearly impossible to track down the seller to get the refund that is rightfully deserved.

Once you have figured out where and when to buy tickets, the question is where to sit. This, of course, varies by venue. For amphitheatre shows, the best deals are almost always the seats in the lawn, especially for fans who can arrive at the venue early and get a spot up front. In stadium and arena shows, it can get a bit more complex, as the location of the stage can have a big impact on how good seats are. Broadly speaking, the best deals can often be found on the seats that are on the opposite end of the arena from the stage. While they are a further distance from the artist, they actually offer the best sightline to the entire stage, which artists are increasingly using.

One of the best ways to get cheap concert tickets is to buy third-party tickets on StubHub and SeatGeek. These websites work on a supply and demand system. If there is a lot of tickets available, you can find them for a lower price than on Ticketmaster.

You can get a cheap ticket to see your favorite artist if you can take the risk of buying last minute tickets. Concert tickets that are not sold out until the very last minute tend to dump for cheap prices.

Also, third-party ticket sellers like StubHub and SeatGeek operate based on demand and supply. If these sellers still have lots of concert tickets days or hours to the concert, they will start selling at reduced prices.

The prices of concert tickets may vary for different cities and venues. As a matter of fact, ticket sales in less populated cities mean lower prices because there is less demand. For instance, instead of purchasing concert tickets in NYC, you can check out less populated cities like New Jersey, Albany, or Buffalo.

Another popular way to get a ticket for a concert at cheaper prices is to get a single seat. When there is an upcoming concert, people tend to attend the concert in groups, as nobody wants to be alone.

Buying extra tickets through presale codes for a high-demand event is another great way to get cheap concert tickets. First, look up the presale code by following our website and tour guides. When you get your chance to buy tickets, pay for an extra site up front.

Then, use the hype from the event to sell your tickets at the right moment. Look to sell your extra tickets on StubHub at higher than face value. This drives down the price of your actual tickets and gives you cheaper tickets.

Using Credit card points is another great way you get cheap concert tickets. If you have any a Citi or American Express credit card, you can save up to 4% when purchasing concert tickets at checkout. This will help offset some of the costs of going to see your favorite artists and musicians.

You can get a free concert ticket through giveaways and contests. While this may not be a reliable way to get tickets, you have nothing to lose by trying. The following are some places you can turn to for giveaways:

Sometimes bands, music venues, and radio stations offer free concert tickets via their social media pages. Follow your local radio stations or favorite bands to learn whenever there is a giveaway or contest.

Since eBay acquired it in 2007, StubHub has given Ticketmaster a run for its money in live event ticket sales. StubHub began as a digital ticket scalping agency that sold secondary tickets instead of primary event tickets like Ticketmaster. Today, both ticket brokers serve as primary ticket resellers and dealers for those who want to buy sporting event and concert tickets without visiting a box office.

Ticketmaster pricing depends on many factors, including ticket availability. Tickets to see the same John Legend concert, on May 28 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, start at $49.50. The cheapest seats available in the middle and front of Section A are $422.

Many companies such as banks, telcos or credit card providers offer exclusive or discounted event tickets, including concerts, in a bid to bring in new clients, Moorhouse said. Credit card holders can also put their reward points towards the purchase of concert tickets, she added. 041b061a72

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