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The Santan Movie Utorrent

As many others before me have likely pointed out, "Satan's Cheerleaders" is really too tame to work that well as an exploitation film. However, provided one refuses to take it seriously, they *can* have some fun with it. There is a sense of humour present, and a tongue in cheek tone. Co-written and directed by B movie veteran Greydon Clark ("Without Warning"), it's an amiable enough bag of garbage.Still, one has to sit through way too much tomfoolery (for at least the first third of the movie) as nothing that entertaining happens. Kerry Sherman (as Patti), Hillary Horan (as Chris), Alisa Powell (as Debbie), and the well endowed Sherry Marks (as Sharon) play our title characters. On their way to a football game, they're waylaid by Billy (Jack Kruschen), the bumbling, stuttering janitor at their school. They've been selected as sacrifices for local Satan worshippers led by a genial sheriff (John Ireland) and his nutty wife (Yvonne De Carlo).Devotees of cinematic trash may take exception to a low body count, an absence of gore, and the limited amount of bare female flesh. This is closer to the kind of thing one might expect to see in TV movie treatment of such material. The slumming big name cast provides some curiosity value; De Carlo appears to be serious, but Ireland is clearly kidding around, John Carradine knowingly hams it up as a bum, Kruschen is appropriately off putting, and Sydney Chaplin has some fun as one of the Devils' disciples. He plays a monk, and actually gets addressed as "Monk"; also, the girls have their names stenciled on their tops just so we're never in doubt as to who is who. Director Clarks' wife Jacqueline Cole plays Phys. Ed. teacher Ms. Johnson.When the sheriffs' actual name is "B.L. Bubb", you know you're not watching high art, or anything remotely subtle.Recognizable names among the crew are cinematographer Dean Cundey, camera operator Ray Stella, and script supervisor Debra Hill.Five out of 10.

The Santan movie utorrent

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Promiscuity is a feature in these ladies. 4 beautiful cheerleaders with no shame to their names. Running wild as much as they can. Their reputation is known at the school they attended. Debbie, Patti, Sharon, and Chris are their names, everything they do is their game. Along with their coach, Ms. Johnson, they are never apart. But there's a sinister situation going on in the school. The janitor, Billy is an agent of a satanic cult. He spies on the girls, put a hex on their clothes, and caused the car to break down. What he doesn't know that Patti, the cheerleader is a witch. He tried to sacrifice her, but her aura caused him to passed out. They go to the sheriff, only to find out that he's the leader of satanists. He and the wife are involved. Only if he listens to her about Patti, he would be understanding. However, they all ended up learning things the hard way.The movie had Yvonne DeCarlo, "Lily Munster". They called this movie "Satan's Cheerleaders". It's the biggest sexual romp ever. The words said is like "WHAT?" It's a barrel of laughs and eye rolls. Enjoyable to say the least. Talk about nothing to hide!2.5 out of 5 stars

Greydon Clark's "Satan's Cheerleaders" is one of those movies that goes all out to be completely silly. It's also one of those movies that has a really eye-popping cast: John Ireland, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jack Kruschen (the neighbor in "The Apartment"), John Carradine and Sydney Chaplin in his final role. There's also a scene that appears to have inspired the famous scene in "Porky's". But more than anything, it's always fun to see horny teenagers making their own rules. This is one flick that makes no pretense about being totally outlandish. A devilishly good time, if I may say so.Back when Charlie Chaplin first created The Tramp, probably no one suspected that his son would one day co-star in a movie about cheerleaders pursued by devil worshipers.

Satan's Slaves is the highest-grossing Indonesian film of 2017 with 4.2 million admissions.[10][11][12] The movie was released in a total of 42 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and the United States.[13][14][9][15][16]

Substantial holiday flourishes, immediate meeting of the main characters and obvious mutual attraction, and a contrived conflict precipitating the eventual inevitable pairing: This is a Christmas movie, and a Lifetime original movie. We get all the expected themes and notions - unending charm and pleasantness, small towns, professional clashes and personal interest, cute character idiosyncrasies, and so on and so on. There aren't any major surprises here, save perhaps for one: This is, accordingly, Lifetime's first Christmas lesbian romance. Though characterized by the same ham-handed silliness as any other Lifetime production - if the sharp writing and earnest attentiveness we see here is any indication of what we might expect from future sapphic holiday TV romances, I'm totally on board for many, many more. I may be a tad biased, but I adore 'Under the Christmas tree.'Michael J. Murray's screenplay is a true blessing, steadying the substantial kitsch of the genre with rich, clever dialogue (including no few thinly veiled slips that are all but Freudian), and robust, relatable, likable characters. Though the narrative as a whole is ultimately, expectedly predictable, it feels more balanced than what we get in other TV movies, and the scene writing is a legitimate gem - fun, funny, heartwarming, cheerful, and lovely. I lost count of how many times I squealed with joy! I appreciate Lisa Rose Snow's direction - clearly just as impassioned and heartfelt as all others' contributions, orchestrating fine scenes and guiding her cast into able performances, and capturing all available details. Why, there are some really fetching shots here, too. And, importantly, I genuinely like the acting. Again, of course everything here bears the same slant toward gauche cheese. At that, however, everyone involved leans into the campy good spirit. Elise Bauman and Tattiawna Jones are of course most noteworthy as joint protagonists Alma and Charlie, delightfully beautiful and bewitching with welcome range and nuance. But the supporting cast shouldn't be counted out either, as among others Enrico Colantoni, Wendy Crewson, and Ricki Lake give their parts great personality and warmth.The filming locations, set design and decoration, and costume design are careful and precise, and there's strong consideration for rounding details like hair, makeup, lighting, and so on. Cinematography and sound design is crisp and clear, and like so much else here, Michael Richard Plowman's score - bent toward the same design - seems to still avoid the utmost heavy-handedness most Christmas film sounddtracks offer. In every meaningful way, I honestly think 'Under the Christmas tree' takes a familiar tack in a more dynamic, capable trajectory.In fairness, any viewer who can't abide the type of broadly straightforward, blunt, endlessly feel-good feature this represents probably won't see anything here to change their mind. As enjoyable as it is, this picture still fits within a very particular niche genre. Yet the fact remains that especially with 'Under the Christmas tree' being a little bit of a landmark for Lifetime, obvious care went into making this the best it could be within their mold. And the effort paid off: I rather believe this might be the best movie of this style that I've seen. I get a definite sense of more stable equilibrium here between wholehearted sincerity and requisite artificiality than in almost any other TV movie, of any variety, that I've watched, and the result is a wonderful, entertaining good time. Leave it to the lesbians to handily succeed where many years of heteronormative small screen production can't: as far as I'm concerned, 'Under the Christmas tree' is a new high water mark for holiday romances, and well worth checking out if one has the opportunity!

Growing up, the only queer-themed 'Christmas' movie I ever knew was "Rent"; and I think that speaks volumes. It's refreshing to see all these LGBTQ holiday films rolling in as the years roll by...but it's even more refreshing to see "Under the Christmas Tree" in the list, a queer holiday romcom minus the family drama, the toxicity, the mean-spirited humor, the obligatory Grinch and - ahem "accidental" outings."Under the Christmas Tree" is a delight to watch; I loved its simplicity, its wholesomeness, the cheeriness and the fact that it probably produced more sap than all of the trees combined (that's how you guys, make a holiday romcom). It's a film I'm definitely going recommend families to watch over Christmas breakfast and revisit again, and again.Also, can anyone show me the directions to Camden?

Ouija (also known as Ouija: Game Never Ends) is a 2015 Kannada-language supernatural horror film produced by Vikram Raju under the Vega Entertainment banner. The movie is directed by Raaj Kumar Reddy.[5] The film stars Bharath, Shraddha Das,[6] Gayathri Iyer,[7] Madhuri Itagi, Kadambari Jethwani, Sayaji Shinde, Avinash, Raja Ravindra and Raghu Kunche. The films' music has been composed by Hari Nikesh. The stunt sequences in the film were directed by action director William Ong. All five songs for the film have been choreographed by Raghu Master. The major portion of this film was shot in Malaysia and Bangalore with a few scenes being shot in Hyderabad.Aata.Ouija was first released in India on 6 November 2015.[8][9] 350c69d7ab

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