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Parles nous de ta boite 25/06

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Native Instrument Reverb Classics Rc24 Torrentsl

The RC 48 delivers two hall algorithms inspired by a classic studio reverb heard on numerous gold and platinum recordings, as well as game, TV, and film soundtracks. The RC 48 delivers lush, musical reverb renowned for the depth it gives to vocals and acoustic instruments. A wide variety of versatile textures can be achieved through adjusting the Diffusion and Spread controls, while an additional Effect option on the Size fader allows users to create interesting new modulation effects. The Random Hall algorithm also features Spin and Wander controls, providing random movement with lively, natural tails.

Native Instrument Reverb Classics Rc24 Torrentsl


The Depth parameter changes the apparent listening position within the room, higher settings equating to being at the rear of the room. As Depth is increased, the reverb tail dominates the sound, with the impression of the direct sound's contribution becoming more diminished. Reverb time is set using the Bass and Mid decay controls, while turning on the quantisation noise introduces some extremely subtle enharmonic noise components that would almost certainly be completely buried in a typical mix. The four different modulation modes introduce progressively more noticeable chorus-like movement within the reverb tail, and this effect is most noticeable on instruments such as piano, where you might choose to avoid using it. It is great on strings and vocals, though.

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