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Parles nous de ta boite 25/06

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At the beginning of production, Hiroshi Haraguchi and other crew members began the process of banking, an operation consisting of recovering the sheets containing the original drawings from Evangelion. Because of the importance of the process, Haraguchi started early, before storyboards were even in place.[25] Anno joined them midway through the process and, as he was the director of the original series, found the frames quickly. The banking process was long and complex, as some sheets were not and place or have been used over the years for other projects.[26] At first, an attempt was made to simply convert the original film of the episodes to digital by doing tests at Imagica, a company specializing in film post-production. The film was converted from the original 16mm format to a full 35mm format; however, the images were of lower quality than expected, especially in terms of color and definition.[27] Considering the low quality of the process, and the calculated costs of the entire procedure, Khara decided to start directly in digital and redo everything from scratch.[16][22]

Episode 1.111 Full Movie Free Download

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