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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Movie Review, Cast, and Trivia

a poor little boy wins a ticket to visit the inside of a mysterious and magical chocolate factory in his town. when he experiences the wonders inside the factory, the boy discovers that the entire visit is a test of his character, with a marvelous reward if he passes muster. (year: 1971; rating: g)

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Full Movie Download

wonka announces a contest whereby children that find golden tickets hidden in five wonka bars will be given a tour of the factory and one a chance to be presented with an unknown grand prize. four tickets are quickly found: the greedy and gluttonous augustus gloop (philip wiegratz) from dsseldorf; the spoiled and rotten veruca salt (julia winter) from buckinghamshire; the competitive and boastful violet beauregarde (annasophia robb) from atlanta; and the arrogant and aggressive mike teavee (jordan fry) from denver. charlie hopes to find a ticket but his chances are small as money is tight, and the best has to be made of his annual birthday present of one wonka bar and a bar bought by grandpa joes money, both of which yield no tickets. all hope is crushed when the last ticket is apparently claimed in russia. charlie, on finding some money in the street, just intends to enjoy one chocolate bar when news breaks that the russian ticket was fake. charlie finds the bar he just bought has the last golden ticket. bystanders attempt to separate him from it, only for the shopkeeper (oscar james) to see that he keeps the ticket and gets back home with it.

all of this is going to lead to some terrifically surreal sequences, like the one where the characters walk away from the churning stream of chocolate. the film will be fun, funny, sometimes touching, and filled with everything you'd expect from any classic family movie. however, i can't predict whether this will be the classic family film that was just so great with the former generation. there's just too much potential to ruin in the direction this film takes.

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