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L'Apéro de L'Appart "Double A"

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Contest Nudist Miss Eureka

gary had just about everything going for him when he lost the nimbus, as he and his staff like to call it, of o. henry. the museum, with no idea of how to explain where the treasure had gone, decided it could no longer wait for more information. gary went from punster to pinbacker in the space of a summer.

Contest Nudist Miss Eureka

the curator approached him and asked if he might consider returning if he could, on one condition. she told him that he would have to spend some time checking out the competing events in the industry. he agreed, and went back to the drawing board. (he had a lot of ideas about how the future could hold the pinnacle of punny goodness). the rest, as they say, is history.

and besides that, he hooked up with the curator of the science museum, and in the 20 years since, has helped reanimate that part of their collection. not all of the o. henry items have been recovered, but no one on staff has lost their job, or been put on modified sick-leave.

gary lost everything in the fire, but other objects from the mails and other events have been returned to him. he even found his beloved o. henry, though it hadnt been fired in 30 years. the curator always encouraged him to keep his hope alive, and would try to get him an item that wouldnt fit in the collection. he took things like the flags of the club in 1969 and the comic books of the west coast pun-off. he kept the tribute awards from the hardcore and pun of the century events, too.

so theres a couple of ways to go. one way is psychological. the more you see it as a punishment, the less likely you are to break the sub. another way is get a partner and do it as training, and every time you do it correctly, go harder, and so on, like a workout. it seems very popular among football players.

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