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Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-10)

This book chronicles Lestat's own origins, as he resurfaces in the modern world and attempts to find meaning by exposing himself to humanity in the guise of a rock star. This attracts the attention of the ancient vampire Marius de Romanus, and culminates in the accidental awakening of Akasha, the ancient Egyptian queen and first vampire, who has been immobile for millennia and safeguarded by Marius.

Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-10)

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As with most vampire fiction, all of the undead were originally human. To sire a fledgling, a maker must feed upon a victim to the point of death. The attacker must then offer their own blood for the mortal to drink. After their body expires, they resurrect as a newborn immortal. Fledglings retain all the memories and mannerisms they had in life, however these usually fade or change over time as they acclimate to their new existence. Many young vampires experience existential crises or crippling depression as they learn to cope with their isolated nature.

In the world of Anne Rice there is no concept of Generation, no Camarilla, no Sabbat and no Clans. Vampires do not Frenzy: there is no Beast and no-one can be Blood Bonded. They do, however, have a Spiritual component that sometimes influences their actions. There is a single 'master vampire' who is very old and Sired all vampires. This is not the same as the Caine situation. The manner in which offspring are weaker than their Sires is not the same as in Vampire: the Masquerade. Anything not explicitly mentioned in these rules is the same as in Vampire the Masquerade. 041b061a72

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