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Soundodger Free Download

Rhyme Storm is the world's first freestyle rapping rhythm game! It's packed with awesome beats, hilarious topics, and mind blowing visuals that dance and pulse to your performance. You won't be asking if you can freestyle rap -- you'll be wondering how fast you can go!

Soundodger Free Download


And hey, if you want to get a feel for Soundodger+, you can play the free version online right now. The '+' indicates a few extras over the free game. There's new songs along for the ride, including pieces from Fez composer Disasterpeace, Journey composer Austin Wintory, and Super Meat Boy and Canabalt composer Danny Baranowsky. Steam Achievements have been added, if that's your sort of thing.

The second additional mode is for those who really want the levels to match their songs: Editor Mode. In the Editor you can take a particular song and hand-craft your own Soundodger+ levels. Here you can choose what type of bullets come your way, when they come, and the spin rate of the outer orbs. Studio Bean, the developer of Soundodger and Soundodger+, has created a series of videos showing players how to use the Editor here. It's a nice extra bit for fans, but I didn't have the patience to sit through editing one of my own songs. You can download levels from other users, which means there could be a strong community component keeping the game alive.

ConclusionA minimalist presentation means there's nothing getting between you and Soundodger+. Listen to music, dodge bullets, find your flow. You can play with the excellent tracks Adult Swim and Studio Bean have included, or use your own collection for some personal fun. Sure, there's a free version, but what's here is totally worth the asking price.

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