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Witcher 3 Companion Mod

A new mod was created for Witcher 3 that lets you add companion characters that follow Geralt in the game. Witcher 3 continues to be popular as the action, roleplay game based on a fantasy novel. Until now, the game does not allow you to have companion characters even though it has become a fast trend in the gaming world. The main character is accompanied by different characters during the missions in most games. But Witcher 3 does not.

Witcher 3 Companion Mod


The mods can be used to take any of the 25 companion characters as well as the monsters and other side characters. Actually, you can use any character as a companion if it has ever appeared in the game. The Mod contains all the instructions and Install guide so you can safely install.

As this game is one of the only RPG games that have yet to incorporate companion arcs officially, this is the best that PC gamers can have as the alternative. Some people may still find it to be an eyesore if installed. It depends on the preferences but you can always uninstall it at any point.

And while the mods showcased today don't exactly fit that bill (the voice-work will still be Geralt's) they will allow you to both play as different characters from The Witcher 3 as well as have some of them as companions so you don't go insane just talking to Roach all day.

FEATURES:Over 19 new items, including but not limited to:Alkaline bomb - Alkaline bomb capable of neutralizing most vicous acids, rendering enemies unable to use acid based attacks.Battlemages essence - Potion enhancing stamina for caster builds.Bear trap - Popular amongst hunters for hunting bears, can be used against other targets with great results.Fine throwing knife - Well balanced throwing knife - lethal weapon if thrown by capable hand.Fungi bomb - Bomb containing spores of fast growing fungus that blocks vocal chords of infected targets making them unable to use their voice.Glue bomb - Bomb containing resin based compound that sticks to enemies, rendering them unable to fly or move.Grappling bolt - Bolt with a hooked end, can be used for quick transportation - nearly useless in combat.Invisibility charm - A magical charm which renders its wearer invisible as long as he moves slowly.Mule essence - Powerful steroid which temporarily enhances maximum carry weight.Plaguebearer - Cursed sword capable of turning fallen foes into undead servants of the wielder.Salt bomb - Simple bomb containing salt, useful against spectral enemies, forcing them to take material form.Shaving kit - An inexpensive portable shaving kit - handy for any man that spends most of his time on the road.Shrapnel bomb - Crude bomb containing hundreds of miniature shrapnels capable of piercing wings of most flying enemies, forcing them to fight on ground. Whilst shrapnels are too small to cause any serious harm, they still can be used to stagger the target.Spring trap - Simple explosive tripwire trap, deals damage within 8 metre radius - can trigger other nearby traps within 6 meters.Sworddancers essence - Potion enhancing stamina for melee builds.Throwing knife - A cheap throwing knife - probably the handle is more lethal than the blade.Viper school hood - Article of clothing popular amongst witchers of the Viper school.Viper school throwing knife - Throwing knives favored by witchers from the school of Viper - well balanced, sharp and poisonous.Virus bomb - Bomb containing virus capable of crippling regenerative abilities of infected targets.

The mod also features the mercenary Victoria, who can follow Geralt as companion as long as the contract with her is held in the inventory, a mirror battle against Geralt and a cooking pot. For more information about the mod you can check out the mod's Nexus page.

Ugly gear. It's a shame, but it happens to the best of witchers, no matter how hard we try to color-coordinate. If the new mastercrafted sword set you've been working toward for hours turns out to have a hideous teal scabbard set that clashes with the rest of your ensemble, just download Black Scabbards to settle the problem. We're told that black goes with everything, especially more black, so this should get you sorted out.

Skyrim has an astonishingly fun follower system, giving the Dragonborn a partner venture off into the world. However, over time, the limited amount of options of companions to pick from can make the game feel underwhelming.

Skyrim Special Edition was released in 2016 and has outlived most games. A lot of this longevity can be credited to the Skyrim modding community that helps keep the game fresh. The follower mods in Skyrim have a lot of effort put into them, often leading them to rival some of the best companions in the base game.

The shrewd Khajiit warrior Inigo is one of the most adored companions on the nexus mods website. With over 7000 lines of custom-voice dialogue, he is sure to keep you entertained throughout your adventures.

Found in Markarth, Mirai can make your postgame a lot more interesting with a rewarding personal quest that makes her a fantastic companion. She grows with the player as she upgrades her summons all the way to a frost atronach.

This Standalone follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition comes with over a thousand lines of custom dialogue and is smart enough not to use it in stealth-heavy situations. Mirai is not only a great travel buddy but also an extremely talented stealth companion.

Alternatively, you can add an entirely new NPC named Frida to the game and make her your companion instead. Frida is a skilled archer who summons a spectral wolf to aid her in combat. She can be found in the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.

In CD Projekt RED's video game adaptations, Yennefer physically appears first in The Witcher 3. Irresepctive of who Geralt chooses to pursue romantically, Yennefer becomes a temporary companion to Geralt for a good portion of the main questline.

"Yennefer of Vengerberg - The Witcher 3 Voiced Standalone Follower" brings the character to The Elder Scrolls V as a mage companion. Yennefer is an essential NPC (meaning she cannot be killed completely without console commands) with her familiar electricity spell repertoire from The Witcher 3. She also has optional spells that are toggable through the MCM like Candlelight and Detect Life.

Anduniel's Dragon Age Origins Followers brings Alistair, Leliana, Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran, and the DLC companion, Shale, to the world of Elder Scrolls. Not only do they retain some of their original dialogue, but the mod author went the extra mile to re-implement them to fit The Elder Scrolls' lore.

Larian's Divinity franchise brought about the popular AAA turn-based RPG of the last decade with Divinity: Original Sins 2. The companions in this game, especially Fane and The Red Prince, were phenomenally written, managing to bring back some of Bioware's Dragon Age Origins charm. Unfortunately, there are no follower mods from this game for Skyrim.

This mod gives you already existing companions a better-textured face and textured armor. It adjusts the textures and shadows for the character models and adds newly designed clothes and armor to them. The companions are made to look much more realistic and have a great choice of clothes. The movement and motion are also tweaked to give it a natural feel.

Ellen is another companion, this time created by modder guicool. She is a cartographer who was born in New Vegas and has roamed the American Wasteland. She can be recruited by the player character by helping her on her journey across the Commonwealth. She has more than 1200+ voiced lines in the game and has many unique interactions with the player.

This mod could be its own expansion as its gameplay ranges from 4 to 5 hours. This was created by modder NikaCola who now works at Bethesda as a Quest Designer, so you know it's amazing to say the least. You meet Kit who is a fully voiced companion with her own unique dialogue and reactions to certain main game events. She has over 6000 lines of original dialogue and possesses lockpicking and hacking abilities. It truly is a great mod to play with.

Fallout 4 starts off with you seeking revenge for your spouse who was unjustly killed. Well now if you are the male Sole Survivor, you can resurrect your spouse Nora and roam the Commonwealth together to find your son Shaun. The mod starts off with a quest and later on you can recruit her as a companion and be the post-apocalyptic Bonnie and Clyde.

Satoshi98 explained in the description of the mod that they just simply wanted to travel with someone like companions do in Skyrim, hence this mod was born. Funnily enough, Skyrim also recently received an Elden Ring-style mod that lets players leave messages behind, so they can leave classic messages like 'try finger but hole'.

There are tons of follower mods out there for Skyrim. But of course only a handful of them are fully custom voiced by voice artists. I have listed best of the best so that you can enjoy your Skyrim Special Edition playthrough with an amazing companion or companions.

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