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Vie de tous les jours à "L'Appart"

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Make original slideshow with memories about your learning or graduation in original motion design style a few clicks! You want to create history or videography about you college or school or higher educational institution? Use that project!!! You need to show your classroom or students or learning process for all world? Use Graduation Slideshow template! Also you can use it for produce some corporation style slideshow or opener. Your clients in a waiting room will be glad to know something about your company looking on that video. That template will help you produce light business timeline slideshow or trend medicine presentation fast and easily.


Hello! Enjoy our new project on Videohive. Introducing Brain Structure! These are 4 powerful elements for medical presentations, educational institutions, and for everything related to medicine, biology, the human brain and neurons.

Film Credits Pack is a clean and dynamic template for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5. Simply create stylish and smoothly animated credit sequences that you can simply use on the end of your videos. All Titles have background blur and easily above your layer or solid. Easily change the fonts, color, size, position and scrolling speed. Includes 4 rolling titles; Cast, Crew, Sponsors and Copyright license title. Perfectly round off any of your videos with these fantastic film credits.

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