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Davy Crockett Whiskey Where To Buy Extra Quality

Formerly known as the Gatlinburg Barrelhouse and Davy Crockett's Tennessee Whiskey, the Ole Smoky Whiskey Distillery in Gatlinburg, TN is yet another place to sample unique whiskey flavors that you can't find anywhere else.

davy crockett whiskey where to buy

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The Boone and Crockett Club, the oldest hunter-conservationist organization in North America, has entered into an agreement with Michigan-based Prestige Imports LLC to nationally distribute a line of spirits that will carry the Boone and Crockett Club name including a straight bourbon, straight rye and American blended whiskey."Tradition comes with age," said Ben B. Hollingsworth Jr., president of the Boone and Crockett Club. "American-made spirits and an outdoor lifestyle are both traditions closely tied to one another. The social aspects of hunting and fishing are very strong. Sharing the day around a fire back at camp after time spent in the field or on the water make the memories complete. After 131 years, we're proud to now offer a label that speaks for the North American sportsmen and these traditions."The Boone and Crockett Club was founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt assembled a group of fellow sportsmen to become the first organization to promote the conservation of wildlife on a national scale. He named this new coalition of sportsmen after the hunter-heroes of his day, Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett."Our strategic partnership with Boone and Crockett Club is based on a shared set of values, the conservation of wildlife and preserving America's rich outdoor heritage," said Tom Cleaver of Prestige Imports LLC. "Boone and Crockett Club whiskies are distilled and bottled by American craftsmen. Our straight bourbon and straight rye are aged two years, and the American blended whiskey is made from straight bourbon."Hollingsworth Jr. noted, "Today's sportsmen should take great pride in knowing that hunting and fishing have become irreplaceable mechanisms for conservation. We're offering our whiskeys as a celebration of this fact. That's the message, and the message is the bottle. They will make a great gift for landowners, friends, family, and fellow hunters and anglers."The Club promotes fair chase hunting and conservation along with enjoying the outdoors responsibly. It encourages everyone to drink responsibly as well.To learn more visit

People here and there - including those in foreign lands - are likely unfamiliar with all that, but mention Jack Daniel's whiskey and they know about Lynchburg. That's true even in France, where an entire nation is insulted if you think there is any region on earth which can produce better wine. There are Jack Daniel's aficionados in France, especially in the nightclubs of Paris. Scotland was a wee bit upset with Prime Minister Winston Churchill when he disclosed that he enjoyed a sip of Jack Daniel's.

For one, bourbon must be made in the United States, while Canadian whiskey can be produced anywhere in Canada. This is likely due to the fact that bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn, while Canadian whisky often includes a higher proportion of rye.

Another bone of contention is the genesis of the term. It could be that barrels shipped downriver were stenciled "Bourbon" (for a county of origin, which once made up a much larger part of Kentucky). Hence, when it arrived in Louisiana, the spirit was referred to by that label. Then again, the whiskey may have been named for Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where much of it was enjoyed.

In 1823, a Scottish physician named James Crow moved to Kentucky where he applied scientific method to whiskey making. Notably, he worked at the Old Oscar Pepper distillery, now the home of Woodford Reserve. Among many other things, he is credited with discovering that if a portion of the spent mash from one run of whiskey is introduced to the next, its acids retard bacterial growth and make for better consistency. Today, the process is called the sour-mash method and is used in virtually all Bourbon and other American whiskeys. The inventor's name is also remembered in the illustrious Old Crow brand, now made by Jim Beam.

It was natural for the first colonialist distillers to use rye for their whiskey. It was a grain they were experienced with in the Old World and it grew well in the eastern locales where they first settled. Maryland and Pennsylvania in particular became hotbeds for rye whiskey production and remained that way into the early twentieth century.

The Scots-Irish people who settled in this area of Tennessee quickly realized that the land was good for corn growing, but if they utilized the whiskey-making skills they brought from their homeland they could make more money with the corn in its liquid form. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine in Gatlinburg carries on a family tradition of distilling the finest whiskey from corn grown on area farms. A visit to Ole Smoky includes watching the process of making moonshine, or corn whiskey, and even smelling the aroma of the fermenting grain. Free samples of their original whiskeys as well as seasonal varieties such as lemon drop and strawberry bring sipping pleasure to any whiskey fan. The store where you can purchase merchandise and moonshine is open every day, but state law prohibits liquor sales on Sundays and certain holidays.

At the June term, 1822, Banks W. Burrow, Thomas A. Thompson John Stockard, Samuel Ingram and Mark B. Roberts were appointed commissioners to lay out the county seat and superintend the sale of the lots and the erection of the public buildings. Nathan Nesbit was subsequently added to said committee. Then came Sterling Brewer and James Fentress, two of the commissioners appointed by the General Assembly, and reported that they had chosen for the site of the seat of justice, a tract of land belonging to the heirs of Mimucan Hunt, and lying on the north bank of Beaver Creek The title of this tract, consisting of fifty acres, was not obtained until July 21, 1823, when it was obtained by said commissioners from Thomas Hunt, executor of the will of Mimucan Hunt, of North Carolina. The first courthouse, built in 1822, was a small log cabin, without a floor, erected where the present one now stands, and Nathan Nesbit, chairman of the court of pleas and quarter sessions, blazed his way through the forest from his residence, five miles east of Huntingdon, to the county seat, carrying with him his cross-cut saw, with which he sawed the door out of the new court house, and entered therein and opened the first court held at Huntingdon, December 9, 1822. At this term the jurors of the court brought their provisions with them and camped out. The town of Huntingdon was surveyed and platted by James H. Gee, under the supervision of the commissioners appointed to lay out the town. And at the March term, 1824, of the court the following allowances were made to the surveyor and commissioners, to-wit: "James H. Gee, for 5 days' services, at four dollars per day, $20; two chain-carriers, for five days' services, $1.50 per day, $15; for making 480 posts for the lots, $12; for whiskey and paper at the sale of lots, $10; Nathan Nesbit, 24 days as commissioner, $72; John Stockard, 18 days as commissioner, $54; Samuel Ingram, 24 days as commissioner, $72; Thomas A. Thompson, 20 days as commissioner, $60; Banks W. Burrow, 4 days as commissioner, $12." At the December term, 1823, the name of the county seat, which up to that time had been called Huntsville, was changed to Huntingdon. They were anxious to retain the first syllable, and thereupon James H. Gee, who was a musician as well as a surveyor, and who was fond of the old tune Huntingdon, suggested that name and it was adopted. The sale of the lots, the date of which the records do not show, must have taken place prior to March 10, 1823, as evidenced by the record of a deed of that date from the commissioners of Huntingdon to John Crockett for Lot 16. There were 117 lots and the public square in the original plat of the town. At the March term, 1824, of the court of pleas and quarter sessions commissioners were appointed to let the job of clearing the public square, and Jack Aspy was awarded the contract. 041b061a72

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