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Total Materia: The One-stop Solution for Material Identification, Comparison, and Simulation

Total Materia Download: How to Access the World's Most Comprehensive Materials Database

If you are looking for a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use source of material properties data, then you should consider downloading Total Materia. Total Materia is the world's most comprehensive materials database, containing information for more than 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials, including a unique collection of advanced properties data for stress-strain, fatigue, formability, fracture mechanics, and creep. In this article, we will explain what Total Materia is, why you should use it, and how to download it.

What is Total Materia?

Total Materia is a product of Key to Metals AG, a company that specializes in providing solutions for material selection, comparison, and analysis. Total Materia is designed to help engineers, designers, researchers, purchasing managers, and quality control specialists solve diverse engineering challenges, from the most simple to the complex. Here are some of the key features of Total Materia:

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The largest source of material properties data

Total Materia has more than 20 million property records for over 450,000 materials, covering metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, and more. You can access data from 59 countries and standards organizations, presented in 26 languages. You can also find information on chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties, heat treatment, processing methods, applications, and suppliers.

The most powerful cross-references and advanced properties

Total Materia has the quickest and most comprehensive international cross-reference tables, with unique categorization of equivalents and similarity. You can easily find similar or equivalent materials from different countries or standards using the patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SmartCross technologies. You can also access the largest collection of stress-strain curves, formability diagrams, fatigue data, fracture mechanics information, and creep data available on the planet. These data support linear and non-linear calculations and open new opportunities for more optimized and cost-effective design.

The ultimate material identification and quality assurance

Total Materia has proprietary, patented algorithms for metal identification from chemical composition. These algorithms are recognized by the leading spectrometer producers worldwide and allow identification of unknown materials in seconds. You can also rely on the top quality and reliability of Total Materia, as it is the only dual certified quality and information security process in the industry. Total Materia also offers an unprecedented upgrade policy, including data updates every month free of charge for subscribers.

Why Use Total Materia?

By using Total Materia, you can benefit from several advantages that will help you save time and money, avoid errors and optimize design, and bridge the gap between source and CAE. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Total Materia:

Save time and money with intelligent search methods

Total Materia offers outstanding time savings by allowing you to find any material property data in seconds. You can use various search methods such as Quick Search, Advanced Search, Property Search, or Cross Reference Search. You can also use filters to narrow down your results or compare multiple materials side by side. By using Total Materia, you can avoid purchasing multiple books or standards that may cost more than $150,000.

Avoid errors and optimize design with accurate and reliable data

Total Materia provides accurate and reliable data that are verified by experts and updated regularly. You can avoid costly and potentially dangerous errors that may arise from using outdated or incorrect data. You can also optimize your design by using advanced properties data that allow you to perform more realistic and accurate simulations and analyses. You can also access data for new and emerging materials that may give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Bridge the gap between source and CAE with easy data export

Total Materia allows you to export any material property data to various formats, such as Excel, PDF, XML, or CAE. You can also use the Total Materia Integrated Interface (TMII) to seamlessly integrate Total Materia with your preferred CAE software, such as ANSYS, Abaqus, HyperWorks, SolidWorks, or NX. By using Total Materia, you can bridge the gap between source and CAE and avoid manual data entry or conversion errors.

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How to Download Total Materia?

If you are interested in downloading Total Materia, you need to follow these steps:

Choose the right subscription package for your needs

Total Materia offers different subscription packages depending on your needs and budget. You can choose from Basic, Plus, Premium, or Enterprise packages, each with different features and benefits. You can also customize your package by adding optional modules, such as Extended Range, PolyPLUS, SmartComp, or NauticAL. You can compare the different packages and modules on the Total Materia website or contact the sales team for a quote.

Register and login to Altair One to download Total Materia

Total Materia is available for download through Altair One, a cloud-based platform that provides access to various engineering software and solutions. To download Total Materia, you need to register and login to Altair One using your email address and password. If you already have an Altair One account, you can skip this step.

Install and activate Total Materia on your desktop or web browser

Once you are logged in to Altair One, you can download Total Materia by clicking on the "Download" button on the product page. You can choose to download the desktop version or the web version of Total Materia. The desktop version requires installation and activation on your computer, while the web version runs on your browser without installation. You can find detailed instructions on how to install and activate Total Materia on the user manual or the support page.


Total Materia is the world's most comprehensive materials database that provides information on more than 450,000 materials and their properties. By using Total Materia, you can save time and money, avoid errors and optimize design, and bridge the gap between source and CAE. To download Total Materia, you need to choose the right subscription package, register and login to Altair One, and install and activate Total Materia on your desktop or web browser. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can contact the customer service team at any time.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Total Materia:


How much does Total Materia cost?The cost of Total Materia depends on the subscription package and modules you choose. You can find the pricing information on the Total Materia website or contact the sales team for a quote.

How often is Total Materia updated?Total Materia is updated every month with new data and features. You can check the update history on the Total Materia website or subscribe to the newsletter to get notified of the latest updates.

What are the system requirements f

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