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Download !!LINK!! Pokemon Let 39;s Go Pikachu English Version

Download Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu English Version

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you might have heard of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, a remake of the classic Pokemon Yellow game for the Nintendo Switch. This game brings the experience of a classic Pokemon RPG to the modern era, with stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and new features that make it more fun and accessible than ever. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, and how you can download the English version of the game for your Nintendo Switch.

Features of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is not just a simple remake of an old game. It is a whole new adventure that takes you to the vibrant region of Kanto, where you can catch, battle, and bond with over 150 different Pokemon. Here are some of the features that make this game unique and exciting:

download pokemon let 39;s go pikachu english version

Download Zip:

Catch and battle Pokemon with motion controls

One of the most innovative aspects of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is the way you can catch and battle Pokemon using motion controls. You can use either a Joy-Con controller or a Poke Ball Plus accessory (sold separately) to throw Poke Balls at wild Pokemon in the game. You can also use button controls in handheld mode. The motion controls make catching Pokemon more realistic and interactive, as you have to aim and time your throws carefully. You can also see the size and shape of the wild Pokemon on the screen, which adds to the immersion. Battling Pokemon is also more dynamic, as you can use gestures to command your Pokemon and unleash powerful moves.

Partner up with Pikachu and customize your look

In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, you don't just catch Pokemon, you also form a special bond with your partner Pikachu. You can interact with your Pikachu by petting, feeding, and playing with it. You can also dress up your Pikachu (and yourself) with different outfits and accessories. Your Pikachu will react to your actions and show its emotions through facial expressions and sounds. Your Pikachu will also help you out in various ways throughout your journey, such as finding items, riding on your shoulder, or using its abilities to overcome obstacles.

Connect with Pokemon GO and transfer Pokemon

If you have played Pokemon GO on your smartphone, you will be happy to know that you can connect it with Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your Nintendo Switch. You can transfer any Pokemon that you have caught in Pokemon GO to a special place called the GO Park in the game. There, you can see your transferred Pokemon roaming around, catch them again, or send them to Professor Oak for rewards. You can also transfer some special Pokemon, such as Alolan forms, shiny forms, or the newly discovered Meltan, from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu.

How to download Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu English version

Now that you know what makes Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu such a great game, you might be wondering how you can download it for your Nintendo Switch. Here are some things you need to know before downloading the game:

Requirements and compatibility

To download and play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your Nintendo Switch, you need to have the following:

  • A Nintendo Switch console with enough battery charge

  • A Nintendo account linked to your console

  • An internet connection

  • A microSD card with enough free space (the game file size is 4.2 GB)

  • A compatible controller (either a Joy-Con or a Poke Ball Plus)

Steps to download and install the game

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps to download and install the game: 1. Turn on your Nintendo Switch and go to the Nintendo eShop from the home menu. 2. Search for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu in the search bar or browse the categories. 3. Select the game and click on the purchase button. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal, or Nintendo eShop funds. 4. After the payment is confirmed, the game will start downloading automatically. You can check the progress on the home menu or on the download screen. 5. When the download is complete, you can launch the game from the home menu. Enjoy! Tips and tricks to optimize your experience

To make the most out of your Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu adventure, here are some tips and tricks that you might find useful:

  • Save your game often by pressing X and selecting Save from the menu. You can also use the autosave feature by enabling it in the options.

  • Use the map on the bottom right corner of the screen to see where you are and where you need to go. You can also access a larger map by pressing X and selecting Town Map from the menu.

  • Explore every area and talk to every person you meet. You might find hidden items, helpful information, or new quests.

  • Catch as many Pokemon as you can and try to complete your Pokedex. You can check your Pokedex by pressing X and selecting Pokedex from the menu.

  • Train your Pokemon by battling other trainers, wild Pokemon, or in the Pokemon Gym. You can also use candies to boost your Pokemon's stats.

  • Use type advantages to gain an edge in battles. Different types of Pokemon have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, fire-type Pokemon are strong against grass-type Pokemon, but weak against water-type Pokemon.

  • Experiment with different moves and items to find the best combination for your Pokemon. You can change your Pokemon's moves by pressing X and selecting Pokemon Box from the menu.

  • Have fun and enjoy the game!


Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a fantastic game that will appeal to both new and old fans of Pokemon. It offers a nostalgic trip to the Kanto region, with updated graphics, gameplay, and features that make it more fun and accessible than ever. Whether you want to catch and battle Pokemon, customize your look, connect with Pokemon GO, or just explore the world, you will find something to love in this game. If you want to download Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu English version for your Nintendo Switch, just follow the steps we outlined above and you will be ready to go in no time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner Pikachu and start your adventure today!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu:

Q: How do I get a Poke Ball Plus accessory?

A: You can buy a Poke Ball Plus accessory separately from online or physical stores that sell Nintendo products. You can also buy a bundle that includes both the game and the accessory.

Q: How do I transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu?

A: To transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, you need to have both devices connected to the internet and logged in with the same Nintendo account. Then, follow these steps:

  • On your smartphone, open Pokemon GO and tap on the Poke Ball icon.

  • Tap on Settings and then on Nintendo Switch.

  • Select Connect to Nintendo Switch.

  • On your Nintendo Switch, open Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and go to Fuchsia City.

  • Enter the GO Park complex and talk to the receptionist.

  • Select Bring Pokemon and choose a GO Park to transfer your Pokemon to.

  • On your smartphone, tap on the Nintendo Switch icon and select the Pokemon you want to transfer.

  • Tap on Send to Nintendo Switch and confirm your choice.

  • On your Nintendo Switch, talk to the receptionist again and select Enter a GO Park.

  • Select the GO Park where you transferred your Pokemon and enter it.

  • You can now see your transferred Pokemon roaming around. To catch them again, just approach them and throw a Poke Ball at them.

Q: How do I play with a friend in co-op mode?

A: To play with a friend in co-op mode, you need to have two compatible controllers (either two Joy-Cons or two Poke Ball Plus accessories). Then, follow these steps:

  • On your Nintendo Switch, open Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and start playing normally as the first player.

  • Shake the second controller to join the game as the second player. You will see a second icon appear on the screen.

  • You can now explore, catch, and battle Pokemon together with your friend. The second player can help the first player by throwing Poke Balls or using items in battles.

  • To exit co-op mode, just shake the second controller again.

Q: How do I evolve my Pokemon?

A: To evolve your Pokemon, you need to meet certain conditions depending on the Pokemon. Some Pokemon evolve by leveling up, some by using specific items, some by trading, and some by other methods. You can check the evolution method of your Pokemon by pressing X and selecting Pokedex from the menu. Here are some examples of how to evolve some common Pokemon:

  • Pikachu evolves into Raichu by using a Thunder Stone.

  • Eevee evolves into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon by using a Water Stone, a Thunder Stone, or a Fire Stone respectively.

  • Machoke evolves into Machamp by trading with another player.

  • Gloom evolves into Vileplume by using a Leaf Stone, or into Bellossom by transferring it from Pokemon GO.

  • Kadabra evolves into Alakazam by trading with another player.

Q: How do I get Mew in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu?

A: Mew is a rare and legendary Pokemon that can only be obtained by using a Poke Ball Plus accessory. If you have a Poke Ball Plus, follow these steps to get Mew:

  • Connect your Poke Ball Plus to your Nintendo Switch by going to the settings menu and selecting Open Controller Settings.

  • Select Change Grip/Order and press the top button on your Poke Ball Plus.

  • Launch Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and start playing normally.

  • Press X and select Communicate from the menu.

  • Select Mystery Gifts and then Get with a Poke Ball Plus.

  • You will receive Mew in your game. You can check it in your Pokemon Box.

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