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Parles nous de ta boite 25/06

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Cortez Feel It (Original Mix) BEST

It was something that I never imagined. Obviously, I had dreams of singing at the GRAMMYs, Latin GRAMMYs, or even singing at Premios Juventud or the Billboard [Music Awards]. But to perform at the actual GRAMMYs? I think the last [Spanish-singing] Latino [performing] was Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee [with "Despacito" in 2018], and then Ricky Martin. But to be the first from this decade is super impressive for me. I'm really grateful and feel blessed that I went through all these barriers as a Latino, and being able to get to places that no one imagined previously.

Cortez Feel It (Original Mix)

Their music feels at home with other electro-pop bands like fellow Londoners Jungle and Aussie act Parcels. While much of it is upbeat and euphoric, Franc Moody also dips into the more chilled, dreamy realm, such as the vibey, sultry title track from their recently released Into the Ether.

In 2012, Way released additional mixtapes while his album continued to be delayed. On January 9, Way released a mixtape for the beginning of the year, titled 50/13, with the cover based on that of ASAP Rocky's mixtape Live. Love. ASAP.[52] On January 24, Way released a collaboration mixtape with his artist Young L titled Mario & Domo vs. the World with cover art based on the video game Super Mario Bros.[53] On March 23, Way released a mixtape titled OBEY which featured the promotional single "Too Faded".[54][55][56] On June 3, 2012, Way talked about his upcoming album Promise and said he has released so many mixtapes in the last two years because he feels he has to put out a lot of music and be as creative as possible.[57] On June 11, Way released another collaboration mixtape with rapper Vinny Chase titled Double Cup City.[58] On September 4, Way released the sequel mixtape Juice II, in which Way returned to his old production style with the beginning lines "Soulja Boy Tell 'Em". It is Way's most-downloaded mixtape.[59] His mixtape titled Young & Flexin was released on November 6.[60] On December 25, 2012, Way released LOUD, which was his first mixtape distributed on iTunes.[61][62]

Way continued to release singles and two mix-tapes throughout 2019, releasing the first mix-tape, Fuego, on January 10,[150] and the second mix-tape, Tell Ya, on March 25.[151] Way announced on January 18, 2019, he was working on his fifth studio album titled How Can You Blame Me?,[152] (originally titled Blessed), with the album set to be released on July 28. The album was delayed for unknown reasons following Way's 2019 incarceration.[153] On July 28, 2020, following his rising success as a Twitch streamer,[154] Way released the mixtape King Soulja 9,[155] followed by several singles throughout 2020. In late November 2020, Way released the mixtape Swag 3, and continued to release several singles such as Pandemic and CEO at the start of 2021.[156][157] On February 1, 2021, Way released the mixtape Soulja World, which features frequent collaborator Lil B.[158] In April 2021, Soulja Boy signed a record deal with Virgin Music.[159] 041b061a72

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