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Free Download Fluenz: Spanish 1 2 3 4 5 Full Software

Each Fluenz program is available to users for installation on computers via DVDs as well as full access to an online platform in addition to supplementary tools such as practice CDs, downloadable podcasts, and digital Flashcards optimized for iPads and other tablets.[2]

Free Download Fluenz: Spanish 1 2 3 4 5 Full Software

El Book is a free downloadable program containing a booklet and a companion MP3 file designed to help disadvantaged immigrants and refugees of Hispanic origin learn very basic English. The objective is to mobilize concerned people, organizations, and institutions to download it and pass it on to those in need.Made up of a few simple black and white pages, El Book can be printed at home and stapled. It can work on its own or accompanied by an MP3 file that may be downloaded and burned on to a CD. The audio track features Latin American soap star Daniela Alvarado and Fluenz co-founder Sonia Gil, who tutors the program.

Fluenz has released multiple mobile platforms including Fluenz Flashcards in 2011 and Fluenz Online as part of their cross-platform learning suite coined Fluenz Anywhere. Fluenz Flashcards and Fluenz Online are both browser-based digital learning tools that complement the Fluenz learning method and allow on-the-go learning.[citation needed] The latest addition to Fluenz Anywhere will be released in 2014[needs update] in the form of Fluenz iPhone accompanied by a fully revamped release of Fluenz Online and the Flashcards. Fluenz iPhone is described as: "The entire Fluenz program on your iPhone. Ideal to continue your sessions while on the go" and features the entire collection of videos, workouts and dialogues.[citation needed] Fluenz iPhone contains a "Learn Offline" feature which allows users to download up to 3 levels at once onto their device to allow use during long airplane flights and other scenarios where internet connectivity is not possible.[citation needed]

Purchasing optionsThe two types of learning software are download or subscription. The download option lets you buy the software to own and install on your device. This is helpful if you don't want a time pressure on learning or want to share with other people.

Rosetta Stone is one of the best software programs for learning a language you can find, especially for beginners. It excels at introducing new words and basic grammar, like conjugation and agreement, in a way that's compelling. When learning is going well, you don't even realize all the work that has gone into creating a program that introduces you to new ideas at the right time, and that's a huge part of what makes Rosetta Stone so good. Rosetta Stone also does an excellent job of getting you to commit to learning and studying for about 30 minutes per day with its wonderfully clear and structured lessons, which are laid out in an order you should follow.

Summary: FSI (Foreign Service Institute) is a government entity that trains diplomats and government officials in foreign languages. It offers Spanish and is currently available online to download for free (includes audio).

Although you can download their comprehensive, detailed Spanish course for free with audio, be aware that the material is literally photocopied booklets that were typed up on typewriters making it almost illegible in some cases.

Thanks for the review. I am right now learning spanish (latin america) with Rosetta Stone. I started two weeks ago and I'm already very good. I speak better Spanish than in 7 years french at school lol. I gotta say that I'm fluent in Croatian, German and Croatian. I can manage French as well.. This may be an advantage for me using Rosetta Stone as I already have a feeling for languages. For me the whole school system never worked. What I like about RS is that they don't just force you to learn conjugation at the beginning. They just throw random sentences and words at you and day by day you just get a feeling for the language. I can imagine learning Mandarin or Arabic is very difficult with a software but lets be honest, why would you do that? I would never try to learn any asian language with a software. Simply because it's a total different world to me :) What I really enjoy is the voice recognition, the games with other people and the live sessions. A big dislike for me are the countless repetitions. I often skip steps because its a bit annoying (at least the spanish one). I recommend this program to everybody who is easy going with languages and who already speaks a second language :)

I downloaded the software from the site (Russian) and payed final price of $210 after tax and such. It was on a holiday special, for Christmas. So I suggest waiting for them to have one of these deals for what I paid was less than half the price. Current price is $499 plus tax (S&H if you have hard copy delivered).I am just beginning my journey so I feel It is a good start speaking for myself anyway. I have downloaded a few podcasts from other sources on I-tunes just for a reinforcement excersizes.

I bought my Korean RS at full price. Psychologically, this is important; I was quite poor, and the price had am impact on my basic living condition. That meant that I felt the company owed me a good product, but it also meant that I was determined to get my money's worth from it. An acquaintance had a stolen or pirated copy of RS for Portuguese. That is, he had no financial investment in it. He raved about RS. In addition to the financial-psychological difference, there was a linguistic one. I had had no background in Korean; he spoke Spanish, and his mother tongue was German. That meant that the vocabulary and grammar of his target language were not far from his base, whereas other than European loan words (which, though not rare in Korean, are not common in the RS course), I was totally in the dark. Interestingly, when I looked at RS free snooper course for Indonesian, a language I had had a couple of courses in years earlier, I breezed through material and actually discovered the meaning of one or two Korean pictures that had stumped me.

I am german and got the RS French course as download software last Christmas (5 weeks ago). I have started to learn french 4 weeks before by meeting a french teacher one hour a week.I did 6 Units (out of 20 total) in that time spending 1hour a day. So I am able to complete a Unit in a week, perhaps the full course in 20 weeks.I am sometime unhappy with the simple image->click interaction that makes it often very easy to 'cheat' by simple pattern matching. Lessons that drive me to speak french are much more usefull and the writing lessons are the hardest, here I need 2 or 3 repetitions to accomplish the lesson.I complement the RS by hearing to french audio books every day and still continuing the real life teacher sessions once a week. That feels very efficient. Doing only the RS course would be far too less to grasp the language for real communication. At the bottom line, I am happy with the RS course as one component of learning french. I am happy with 'unclear' sentences and can accept to understand it later, but my partner cannot learn in that way and is unhappy with the lack of grammar and translations... so it depends...

Using the RS free trias l or 1st level was the first time i ever thought in spanish. Having taken 2 yrs of spanish in high school, and 4 semesters in university, earning As and Bs, but i not once thought in spanish. Id think in english and translate internally to spanish.

Immersion was used in my Peace Corps language acquisition in 1980 and worked wonderfully. That said, it was total immersion in a village with native speaking teachers who just happened to also have a pretty good grasp of English. Just keep listening and repeating and hearing it in the village with the host family and in 4 weeks I tested out at 3 out of 5 on some academic test.I did Rosetta for a month (too scotch to go past the 30 day money back period) to try it out. Not having the grammar was initially frustrating but then I settled down and just went with the flow. Yea, there were times I swore I was pronouncing correct or incorrect and RS gave me the wrong cue, but these were pretty rare and some I am sure was the connection being pesky and the capability of my computer.I am able to get Mango free from my library and have continued with it and I am quite amazed at how much I understand from my 3 1/2 weeks using RS. Mango does a great job giving the phonetic spelling of the language that would have helped a bit with RS on some of the tricky words I had to try over and over again. Mango also spends time with culture and grammar notes but it is more work to retain the language even with the additional cultural and grammar understanding.I now think I will go for the current deal on the lifetime languages at RS as I think 24 or so for that price is pretty good and as they break it down to 3 monthly payments it's less than a cup of coffee anywhere in the world for those 3 months. I can also supplement this with Mango. In my search for online Tagalog learning, none of them were really cheap as a package and Babel and Duo did not even have Tagalog. That is why I ended up at RS. This was before I found out my library had Mango. I will say this... it certainly is an even handed and balanced review. Salamat!

I should add that as a learner of languages (6 to varying degrees of proficiency), I absolutely love Rosetta Stone. When I used it for the first time, I was blown away. Here was a language learning software that ACTUALLY strives to immerse you; no translations to filter the target language through, no time wasted on preaching wordy and dubious grammar rules, picture support with intuitive ways of building your own language knowledge bit by bit, immense amounts of content and thoughtfully arranged progression from one lesson to another.

I'm really upset by Rosetta Stone's corporate practices and lack of customer support. I purchased a full CD set French Totale for $450, and now it is no longer supported or compatible with computers that don't run Adobe Flash because Rosetta Stone decided to abandon that platform. Worse, they will not offer any compensation (such as free access to the online platform]. When I originally purchased the set, they said that it would be a lifetime purchase, but now they do not honor that. Stay away from Rosetta Stone!

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