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L'Apéro de L'Appart "Double A"

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"Uptown Girl" was recorded by the band as a part of the 2001 Comic Relief charity single. It was released on 5 March 2001. "Queen of My Heart" was released on 5 November 2001 as the first single from this album. It was the band's decision to release it as the first single because they wanted to have a 'westlife' soul on the next single. Filan said that when the band heard it for the first time, they felt it was definitely gonna be the first single from the album.[5] In an interview, Kian said that the song was about a person who wants to go back to their soulmate whom they have been away from each other for a long time.[8] "World of Our Own" was released on 18 February 2002 as the second single from this album. The band described it as a real 'poppy' song.[9] "Bop Bop Baby" was released on 20 May 2002 as the third single from this album.

Westlife Album Download Zipl

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