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Power Revolution: Geopolitical Simulator 4 The Game

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Power Revolution: Geopolitical Simulator 4 the game

Masters of the World, also known as Geo-Political Simulator 3, is the third installment of the Geo-political simulator series. This government simulation game, like its predecessors, puts the player in the role of any nation's head of state or head of government. French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Russian versions of the game were also released.

During the whole game, the head of state players must always keep an eye on their popularity level, which is evidently essential during elections, in order to stay in power for as long as possible. Maintaining state accounts and the budget deficit is also an important factor for your longevity.

The political parties of each country of the world are transcribed in the game with their political tendencies, parliamentary representation and electoral results. Players choose their character and attempt to take power. With the party's budget, players have multiple actions available to them: They can launch funding campaigns to increase revenue, finance violent cells likely to intervene in street clashes, purchase polls to help make the best decisions, dish out bribes, hire detectives to obtain information on influential figures... As a leader, you make the party's major decisions: give voting instructions in relation to government bills, send militants to protest in the streets, incite groups, syndicates or associations to oppose power through protest actions (strike, sit-in, blockades...), criticize the head of state's actions in the media...

Players can hold a real warring army at the beginning of the game or develop one over time, which can be deployed in contested areas. Players control all military manoeuvres, on the overall map of the country but also locally during each city capture. Even though these armies are often less powerful, they are difficult to locate when they remain in their area of origin and when they frequently change position. If players manage to topple the presidential palace in the capital or obtain independence in regions under presidential control, they then become a new global leader.

During civil or military clashes in the cities, wargame stages take place on maps detailed with the main buildings, squares and intersections (specific maps for major capitals). Various elements can be controlled by the player: protesters, hooligans, armed extremists, rocket launchers... if the player is playing as the opposition; but there are also anti-riot police, police vans, helicopters, snipers, armoured vehicles... if the player is playing as the established power. The battle sequence can evolve in relation to the occupation of iconic places (for example, major squares with barricades) or the seizure of buildings (parliament, television studio, bank, headquarters...). The population reacts to the sequence of events: first civilian casualties, televised actions, order to fire at will or bombard, liberation of prisoners...

Politics: party in power, complete list of political parties and their ideologies, formation of a Parliament, positions on major international themes, membership with major international organizations, maps of geopolitical relations between countries...

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