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[S10E7] Special Delivery

Kourtney decided not to have her entire family with her in the delivery room, however, she does want Scott to be around on the big day. Scott tells her, "I'll probably be there, fifty-fifty." Kourtney is upset with his cavalier attitude because she wants to be able to depend on him.

[S10E7] Special Delivery

This is just one of many playful and revelatory moments in the hour-long special that features current and past cast members, as well as series creator Heidi Thomas and composer Maurizio Malagnini, who says creating music for the birth scenes is his favorite part of the job.

SVU took a walk on the wild side with Season 9's "Wildlife," which focuses on special victims of a different species. Stabler goes undercover to go after a Russian animal smuggling ring to prevent the import of a rare gibbon. If that wasn't wild enough: Benson pretends to be a sex worker to sell their undercover personas, Stabler eats a tiger, and one of the bad guys (Outkast's Big Boi!) is eaten by a hyena.

"Dearest Matthew, if I had written this letter a year ago, it would have been all about my love for you. It would have been all about my fears for you. I would have put the recipe in it for my special bread sauce, so you'd never have to go without bread sauce at Christmas. You're going to have such a lot of Christmases without me, darling Matt..."

We did an Arena Show!! This evening was so big and so special, we had to split it into two episodes for the podcast feed. First up is the Idea Dinner with our best internet buddies, Packy McCormick and Mario Gabriele (and special guest judge Shu Nyatta), followed by the story of YC Continuity with managing partner Anu Hariharan. Huge, huge thank you to PitchBook for making this night possible. Stay tuned for Part II!

David: We needed to delay a little bit because we have one more thing, a special surprise. We wanted to raise the stakes tonight so we brought in a judge who is going to grade each of our picks, Acquired style, and declare a winner and a loser at the end of the night.

Mario: I agree. I think FTX is scary in lots of ways and is so efficient as a business, but I am especially factoring in the NFT play. I think there's a really nice upside here. The stuff that they've shown at least on the NFT side, I think looks pretty promising.

We have garage delivery setup. We have the Amazon credit card, they're launching Buy with Prime on the Internet. I'm highly influenced by Amazon sponsored listings, which is a $30 billion high-margin revenue business within retail.

That was true for Airbnb. That was true for Coinbase. That was true for DoorDash. One of the partners that YC kept funding DoorDash, because nobody believed in the idea. It was the third food delivery startup that came out when they came.

I think our ambition is, how do we scale YC to support more amazing companies and to especially also do it globally? I think the remote will show us that companies can come from anywhere. We already see that. A lot of B2B startups are based outside the US, but they service US customers.

Travis: This is particularly special follow Anu because we launched our first market on Demo Day, August 19th, when we got done with our YC batch 2 years ago. After two and a half years, 32 states can now say we cover 97% of US venture activity because as of today, about 12 hours ago, we're live here in the State of Washington. 041b061a72

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