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New Total English Elementary Workbook Pdf

MyEnglishLab includes a variety of teaching resources for students and teachers, including lessons, videos, animations and interactive activities. These materials are essential for creating an engaging and effective learning environment.

new total english elementary workbook pdf

To see the problems involved in integrating a foreign language into the total communicative and vocational education of the student, one need only examine the course of study in a language department of an American university. A general survey of the situation would suggest that the student spends 50-60% of his time in the classroom, 40-50% in the student union, and only 10% in the library and on campus. There is little interaction with the local community and it is rare for the student to come into contact with a foreign language except for his/her studies. English classes are offered out of term, without consideration to the different demands on the student to study during term hours and to tend to the many professional or private life responsibilities during the summer. An entire year goes by while one tries to find a tutor for the classes one can take. Finally, by the end of the year, many students find that they have just learned enough to be able to read an examination paper in the language department. After graduation the students usually find, as I have just experienced, that they cannot find a decent job and therefore are forced to take low paying jobs that they would like to avoid. All this experience leads to a recipe for failure. In fact, in a survey conducted by the United States Department of Education (U.S. DE, 1990) it was found that one-third of school-age children are not reading at all, one-third read below the first-grade level, and only 20% read at the level that is necessary to provide them with the reading skills they will need to become productive and effective members of the society they will live in. In other words, the students are not being prepared to deal with the world of the 21st century, and the economy is suffering because of it. They are being educated to become economically and culturally crippled by a language.

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